Holiday felt craft kit for adults

19 Easy & Cute Christmas Felt Craft Kits For Adults

19 Stunning Holiday Craft Kits for Adults

Check out these amazing Christmas felt craft kits that will help you make beautiful Christmas decorations. They are perfect for creating handmade ornaments, decor, or gifts without the nuisance of gathering all the supplies for a craft project.

Why should you create decoration with felt?

  • it is cheap,
  • easy to work with,
  • in many craft projects, you can simply glue them, no need for sewing,
  • you can choose from a large variety of colors,
  • the pleasant soft touch of felt,
  • child friendly (they can’t break it, although make sure they can’t eat or stuck a small piece in their nose),
  • etc.

Usually, when people hear felt crafts, they think of kids’ crafts. This shouldn’t be the case because adults can make so many fun and versatile decorations and objects with felt.

Do you need proof?

Check out this huge list of felt crafts for adults. I’m sure you’ll get inspired to make some of them or design one for yourself. If you’re new to felt crafts, I have an in-depth guide on crafting with felt.

But, let’s get back to the purpose of this article. I wanted to show you the best Christmas felt craft kits for adults I could find.

Why felt craft kits?

The best part about them is that you can see the ‘results’ before you start crafting. You don’t have to plan the whole craft project, buy or create templates, cut out, or hope for the best while needle felting a cute Christmas gnome.

Yes, you can make felted mini gnomes, and they are adorable! Read along; I’ve included them in the list.

You’ll get every supply you need in the craft kit, in the exact color shades, in the right amount. Most felt kits (needle felt kits) also include the tools you’ll need for the craft (needle, foam mat, finger protect).

Choose a Christmas kit and start crafting beautiful handmade decorations or ornaments.

Are you ready? Let’s see what I’ve got for you!

Christmas felt craft kit for adults


Christmas felt sewing craft kits for adults

These kits will spare you from the boring stuff of creating felt ornaments and decorations: transferring patterns and cutting out the pieces. You can dive into the fun, creative process right away.

What can you create for Christmas with felt applique kits?

  • wreaths,
  • ornaments,
  • stockings,
  • table decorations,
  • etc.

Here are a few examples!

Create a unique Santa Stocking with this felt applique kit. Personalize them by adding the name with embroidery or with a fabric pen.

I love this cute Nordic snowman wall hanging. My son would love it. Hang it on the door or wall. The best part? You can also leave it up after the Holidays.

Felt Gnomes craft kit for adults

Scandinavian gnomes are so popular. No wonder they are adorable! With this Felt Gnomes kit by Lakelandstudio, you can easily make them for your home.

These elf shoe gift bags are funny and adorable at the same time. Fill them with candy or other small gifts.

I love felt Christmas tree ornaments because they are light-weight, soft, easy to customize, and break-proof. These snowflake felt ornaments are perfect for the whole season!

Felt Gingerbread House sewing kit

There’s no Christmas without Gingerbread. Make this Gingerbread House by Tintangle that won’t entice you to eat it before the Holidays.

Red poinsettia felt crafts can enliven almost every space. Create this stunning throw pillow cover to add an extra touch of color to your holiday decoration.

Every child would love this awesome felt advent calendar wall hanger. It’s also perfect for adults; fill the small pockets with quotes or fun tasks and activities.

Buffalo Plaid felt applique kit

Buffalo plaid pattern, for me, symbolizes warmth and coziness. With this Buffalo Kit by TripleRMercantile, you can create stunning pillow covers and a table runner.

Felt wreaths are so beautiful, soft, and full of colors. With this kit, you can make a fun Christmas wreath that will last you for years and won’t scratch your doors.

Felt town wall hanging craft kit

I love this Felt Wall Hanging Town kit by sewsewnsew. It looks pretty easy to make, and you can leave it on after the holiday too. Yay!

These felt Santa and snowman door hangers are super cute! The perfect craft kit for beginners before the holidays.

Felt Santa & Reindeer sewing kit

This cute set of Santa & his Reindeers by Tintangle would make the perfect mantel or window sill decoration.

These ugly sweater ornaments are so fun! I would also make a bigger version and put it on bottles with a fun elf or Santa hat.

Felt tree skirt craft kit

With this Felt Tree Skirt by CraftNTreasureCoveUS, you can take your holiday decoration to the next level.

Needle felt kits for Christmas

I’ve also found a couple of super cute needle felted Christmas decorations. They would look nice on their own, but the snowman and the gnomes would also make the perfect addition to a simple wreath.

Needle Felted snowman craft kit

Officially this is my favorite felt decoration for the cold season. This Snowman Kit by BearCreekFelting is a gem. It’s almost like an illustration. I love it!

Needle felted gnome craft kit

Look at these adorable Needle Felted Gnomes by BearCreekFelting. I would put them in our Christmas town, or on our wreath, maybe scatter them on the shelves and let my son look for them for a ‘prize’!

Needle Felted Poinsettia pillow cover kit

This Poinsettia Pillow by FeltedSky is the perfect example of how you can achieve beautiful decorations within the same theme but with different techniques.

Needle felted Robin DIY craft kit

Look at this cute Robin in domes by FeltandDandy. They would make the perfect stocking stuffer! I would put them on our window sill next to my Christmas cacti.

Final thoughts about the Christmas felt craft kits for adults

As you could see, you can make countless beautiful felt Christmas decorations for your home.

These simple yet adorable craft kits will not only help you create your holiday decoration, they will also save you money and time.

Skip planning, organizing, procuring, and preparing supplies. You won’t end up with many unused supplies that you have to store. Forget the countless hours spent in online shops or craft stores, paying shipping multiple times if you can’t find everything in one shop, etc.

Enjoy the relaxing effect of crafting and the joy of creating something beautiful for your home.

If you liked these Christmas felt craft kit ideas for adults, I also have an article with other fun felt craft kits you can try after the holidays!

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