Easy felt craft kits for adults

23 Awesome Felt Craft Kits for Adults

Cool and Fun Felt Craft Kits for Adults

In this article, you’ll find simple, and fun felt craft kits for adults. Use them to create cute felt decorations or gift them to a creative friend or family member.

Why I love felt craft kits?

The #1 reason is that they have all the supplies you will need for a specific craft (you still have to get your tools). If you like to make crafts but don’t own a large stack of all kinds of supplies, you may know how annoying and time-sucking can be searching and buying all the supplies for a specific craft. Visiting multiple craft stores or browsing for hours in online shops.

Well, craft kits will save you the headache and provide you with everything you need, in the right amount. You won’t need to deal with all the leftovers you end up after buying whole sheets or yards of felt. Because you can’t buy a 1×1″ red square piece for your felt craft project, you have to buy the whole sheet. Ugh!

Another reason is that you actually save money with craft kits. Why? Even though you will pay for the packaging and the seller’s work to prepare all the supplies, but you don’t have to buy everything separately.

And last but not least, they are such an amazing gift idea for craft lovers.

Felt craft kits are one of my favorite crafts kits. I love crafting with felt! If you’re just starting and experimenting with felt crafts, I have an in-depth guide on everything you need to know about how to craft with felt.

Felt is very versatile. You can sew, glue, embroider on it. You can create decorations, jewelry, household item, and so much more with them. That’s why I’ve decided to collect the best felt sewing kits for adults.

First of all, there are two types of felt crafts: needle felting wool and crafting (sewing, gluing) felt fabric.

I’ve found several DIY felt craft kits for both categories on Amazon and Etsy.

Let’s dive in!

Felt craft kits for adults


Felt craft kits using felt fabric

These kits come with either precut shapes that you only have to sew together or felt sheets with patterns you have to cut out.

If you have to cut out the pieces, use sharp scissors. A blunt tool may tear and stretch the fabric. For smaller pieces, I like to use a fine tip scissor for extra precision.

Cute felt animal sewing kits for adults

One of the most popular felt craft kits are tiny animals. Create a nursery mobile if you have kids, incorporate them in your wreaths, attach them on hairpins, make them pocket warmers. It’s up to you!

These cute felt donut animals would make the cutes keychain holders ever! Keep your favorite and gift the rest to family and friends (or keep them all and make hairpins, brooches, etc.)

Sweet little felt animals would make the perfect weekend craft. The little chubby panda and baby girl octopus is my favorite. If you like cute jewelry, this is the time to turn them into necklaces.

The best felt craft kit to choose for a woodland nursery mobile! The animals are lovely! For extra charm, cut a few leaves or add large wood beads. Grab a hoop and thread, and hang it above your baby’s crib.

Mouse Family felt craft kit for adults

Look at this cute little Mouse Family by CorinneLapierre. I imagine putting them in a snowy Christmas town. Also, incorporating them in a wreath is a nice idea!

Stunning plants and flowers felt kits

My favorite felt crafts are flowers and plants! The best part about decorating with felt flowers and plants is they won’t die if you forget to care about them. They look stunning! If you’d like to make more of them, I have an article with lots of beautiful felt flower tutorials.

Succulents are one of my favorite plants. They are unique, colorful, and stunning! Also very popular. With this felt craft kit for adults, you can easily create a beautiful succulent wall garden.

Felt flowers are so versatile. With this awesome felt craft kit, you can create a beautiful flower garland decoration. Add it to your door or as a wall decoration above your bed’s headboard.

This is another felt succulent craft kit that will result in stunning wall decor. These DIY terrariums are the perfect home office decor. The best part? You don’t have to water it!

Sew this adorable felt mini garden kit if you love cute decorations. They would also make awesome gift ideas! Since felt is light-weight, they are the perfect keychain!

Cactus Pincushion felt craft kit for adults

If you’d like a functional plant decor, the Cactus Pincushion by CorinneLapierre is the best choice. With this felt craft kit, you can make a fun and cute cacti that will keep your needles organized!

Other craft kit recommendations:

Felt embroidery kits

These awesome kits are not only for sewers. The embroidery designs make them unique and charming. These are my favorite DIY felt craft kits because I also love to make embroidered felt projects (jewelry, bookmarks, phone cases, coasters, etc.) like this super simple embroidered bookmark.

Felt Needle Case craft kit for adults

I plan on creating a Needle Case similar to this one by CorinneLapierre. Such a nice idea to keep your needles organized in place of plastic cases.

Felt Sewing Pouch  craft kit for adults

This Sewing Pouch by CorinneLapierre is beautiful. Even though it says for sewing tools, you can keep anything in it. Use it as a phone case or to keep jewelry and other goodies.

 Felt Pincushion craft kit for adults

I adore this feminine, embroidered felt Pincushion by CorinneLapierre. A beautiful gift idea or stocking stuffer for sewers.

Needle felting kits for adults

Needle felt crafts a lot different from the simple felt sewing crafts. A bit more complicated and more time-consuming. You have to push wool with a pin until it is felted in the desired shape.

Here is a beginner’s guide on how to needle felt by Fiber Artsy. Also, check out this article for more needle felting tips by Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts.

The results are awesome 3D animals, decorations, ornaments, etc.

Needle felted plants and flowers kits

Needle felted plants worth the time you spend on creating them. The small 3D flowers are everlasting, adorable, and easy to care for (never wash them, only dust with a brush or a small vacuum cleaner, spot treat blots).

This is the most adorable felt craft kit I have ever seen! The cute felted animal pots would brighten up any office! Make them all and decorate your window sill.

These soft felt cacti won’t sting your hand; still, they look almost real! Colorful, everlasting plants for anyone who ‘accidentally’ kills plants all the time (like myself).

Succulents felt craft kit for adults

Look at these beautiful Needle Felted Succulents by FeltedSky. This craft kit is beginner-friendly, so give it a try! The small wood pots complement perfectly the fluffy succulents.

Needle felted animal craft kits

This felted bunny and raccoon on a swing is charming! I would hang them from any of my shelves. I’m sure my little boy would love to swing them!

Dragonfly brooch felt craft kit for adults

I love unique jewelry and accessories. With this Dragonfly Brooch felt craft kit by FeltandDandy, you can make a stunning accessory. Give the craft kit as a gift or the brooch itself!

Do you like animations? I love Pixar movies! Make the adorable dogs or the funny little bunny from the movie Pets with this cool needle felt craft kit for adults.

Needle felted home decor craft kit for adults

I was quite surprised when I’ve found out that you can create wall decor, pillow covers, and other fun home crafts with needle felting. Check out these cool home decor felt craft kits for adults.

Leaf Wall Art felt craft kit for adults

Embroidery hoop wall decor is trendy. With this Felt Leaf Wall Art kit by FeltedSky, you can make a cool and unique wall decoration.

Landscape Wall Art felt craft kit for adults

This Landscape wall art by FeltedSky is stunning! I love the vivid colors. The round embroidery hoop base makes it a modern piece of art.

Pillow Cover felt craft kit for adults

I love this Pillow Cover by FeltedSky. With this felt craft kit, you can make a modern throw pillow cover. I like the pastel colors and geometric forms. I couldn’t believe that it’s needle felted.

If you have small children, you can also create these fun Felt Quiet Book Pages by CreateQuietToys, or for bigger kids, create these Felt Pin Badge by LilacSpring.

Quiet Book Pages felt craft kit for adults
Badges felt craft kits for adults

Final thoughts about felt craft kits for adults

Usually, when someone hears about felt crafts, they instantly think about crafts for children. But crafting with felt is so fun and easy that every craft lover should give them a try regardless of their age.

Felt crafts are cheap, effortless, and very versatile. If you’d like to give them a try, it’s best to get a felt craft kit for adults. You can stack up on wool or felt sheets to create beautiful handmade objects if you like it.

Many felt kits are available for adults in craft stores and online like Amazon, Etsy, Joann, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby.

For more felt projects, check out my Holiday felt craft kit post, or for more inspiration, the post with more than 100 felt craft ideas.

Many felt crafts don’t even require sewing because you can glue them too. Yay! It’s a lot faster, but it has Pros and Cons.

Have you ever bought or got as a gift a felt craft kit? What was your favorite kit from the mentioned ones above?

Leave a comment!

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