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Best Sticker by Number Books for Adults

21+ Adult Paint by Sticker Books

Do you like to create art but don’t have the talent or skills for it? Then you’ve come to the right place because I will introduce you to these amazing sticker by number books for adults I’ve recently found.

I’ll be honest with you; I recently found out that sticker by number books exist. And they are so awesome!

It’s an inexpensive and easy way to create beautiful modern art without any special skills or talent.

Sticker by number books for adults

What is a sticker by number?

Sticker by number is an activity of creating art or pictures using colored stickers.

The sticker by number books contain pages with colored stickers and corresponding ’empty’ picture pages. The activity itself is pretty easy. You have to peel and match the stickers to the numbers to build the pictures.

Sticker by number is similar to painting by number, but a lot easier and faster to create. However, it does require attention and precision. Removing and transferring stickers to another spot may ruin the whole sheet.

They vary from easy to hard stickering puzzles, with a few and a lot of stickers. Also, you can find Extreme stickering puzzles that are harder to make since they are not numbered. You have to guess based on a picture.

You can also try painting by numbers. I have a collection of awesome paint by number kits for adults. Check it out here.

Where to get a sticker by number book online?

Lots of stores offer sticker by number books for both kids and adults.

The most common stores to find these awesome paint by sticker books are:

  • Amazon,
  • Walmart,
  • Target,
  • Michaels,
  • Barnes and Nobles.

Be aware that you may not be able to find sticker by number books in your local stores (Walmart, Target, etc.). I’ve seen some of them only sell these type of activity books exclusively online.

Sticker by Number book brands

You can choose paint by sticker books from several publishers. Brain Games have the most sticker by number books for adults. Workman Publishing and Thunder Bay Press also offers several sticker books for grown-ups.

Crayola and Mellisa & Doug also has various sticker by numbers book, but only designed for kids.

How much does a sticker by number book cost?

Paint by sticker or sticker by number books are pretty cheap. You can get one for a few dollars. Color by stickers books cost starting from 3 $ and up to 10-20 $.


And now, let’s get to the fun part! I’ve collected the best (in my opinion) sticker by number books for adults from Amazon. For other options, check out the stores listed above.

1. Paint by Sticker: Dogs

Create your favorite dog with this sticker activity book. Peel and stick to create 12 fantastic portraits, then frame them to add a pop of color to your walls. It’s perfect for dog lovers!

2. Sticker by Number: Cats

Create cute cat images with these amazing sticker by number books. I’ve found three awesome activity books. Choose one or get all of them if you’re a cat enthusiast.

3. Paint by Sticker: Travel

With this activity book, you can re-create 12 stunning vintage posters in Art Deco style. These elegant posters add a pop of color to any traveler’s walls.

4. Paint by Sticker: Masterpieces

Re-create iconic paintings like Mona Lisa, The Creation of Adam, The Birth of Venus, and more in a modern, geometric way. This paint by sticker book has 12 iconic artworks to keep you busy for hours.

5. Sticker by Number: Stress-free

This mosaic sticker book will keep you engaged for hours with its 28 beautiful designs. When you’re done, take the colorful masterpieces out, frame them, and add them to your walls for a pop of color.

6. Color by Number: Bible

Create stunning, colorful Bible scenes (28) with this sticker activity book. They are perfect at home or church activity for Bible study groups. The mosaics are similar to the beautiful stained glasses in curches.

7. Extreme Stickering: Unicorn

Extreme stickering books are more challenging than sticker by number books because they are not numbered. With this awesome book, you can create 15 magical unicorn sticker posters.

8. Sticker by Number Books: Nature

This stunning sticker activity book has more than 40 beautiful nature-inspired pictures. You can create flowers, animals, and other fun and colorful designs. When you’re done peeling and sticking, remove the pages, and create an awesome gallery.

9. Animetrics (Sticker by Number Geometric Puzzles)

This sticker by number book is my favorite. You can create 12 spectacular animal portraits (lion, elephant, zebra, owl, fox, bear, and more) that would look amazing framed and displayed on a gallery wall.

10. Color by Number: Calming Creatures

Create 12 stunning animal images with this calming and creative sticker kit: the best relaxing, almost meditative, activity after a busy day.

11. Sticker By Number: Ocean Treasures

Are you big water or ocean lover? Or do you have a beach house? With this activity book, you can create 12 lovely ocean themed pictures for your home. The pink octopus is my favorite!

12. Paint by Stickers: Music Icons

With this cool sticker art kit, you can easily create 10 iconic musician portraits (Prince, Elvis, The Beatles, Beyoncé, Madonna, etc.) Just peel and place the stickers to create vibrant pictures with your favorite stars.

13. Friends Sticker Art Puzzles

Are you a big fan of the sitcom Friends? This sticker activity book is for you. You can stick and peel 15 stickering puzzles representing iconic scenes from the famous TV show.

14. Sticker by Number: Under the Sea

Did you like the Ocean Treasures paint by sticker book? Well, you can complete your collection with another 28 sea-themed images that range from easy to hard.

15. Sticker by Number America

This Americana themed paint by sticker book will keep you busy for hours. You can create 28 stunning art pieces, including symbols, classic American foods, scenes, landscapes, and more.

16. Marvel Sticker Art Puzzles

Create your favorite Marvel Super Hero with this sticker by number book. When you’ve finished puzzling more than 1500 stickers, you will have several iconic vintage Marvel book cover posters to hang on your wall.

17. Sticker by Number: Dream Big

Create 10 fun and inspirational designs with this sticker activity book. The gorgeous colorful images will add a pop of color to your walls. Teens and kids would also enjoy this sticker by number book.

18. Sticker by Number: Birds

I love birds! With these easy-to-use sticker books, you can create stunning colorful birds. Choose your favorites, peel, and stick to create amazing art, frame, and display on their own or a gallery wall.

19. Bob Ross Sticker by Number Puzzles

Do you remember Bob Ross and his easy and charming painting technique? Now you can re-create 15 of his paintings. When you’re done peeling and sticking, you will have stunning sticker art posters that you can hang on your walls.

20. Sticker by Number: Animals

Do you like animal portraits? You can create beautiful modern, colorful, geometric animal portraits with these sticker by number books for adults. I had to list all three sticker books by Brain Game because they are all awesome and have different animals from pets to exotic animals, even a unicorn.

21. Christmas Sticker by Number for Adults

Do you need something to pass all of your free time during the Holidays? Grab this sticker book for adults and create 28 Christmas themed images. A relaxing and fun activity.

Final thoughts about the paint by stickers books for adults

If you’re looking for a soothing creative activity that doesn’t cost a fortune and doesn’t require any special skills or talents, you should try sticker by number.

They are cheap, easy, and fun to make. The sticker books technically are kits. You have everything you need in them: the stickers and the corresponding picture pages. You don’t need to buy other tools or supplies.

They are pretty small, so you can take them with you on a trip to keep you busy while traveling.

And the best part? When you’re done, you will have a collection of beautiful, colorful, geometric sticker posters and art to frame and decorate your home.

Have you tried sticker by number books? Which one is your favorite from the ones listed above?

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