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The best felt flower tutorials and patterns

Felt Flower tutorials and patterns

In this post, I share the best felt flower tutorials and patterns to create stunning, long-lasting flower displays, and arrangements.

I love to work with felt. Felt crafts are easy and cheap to make, the colors are gorgeous, and you can make them in no time. Felt flowers and plants are my favorites.

I love plants in general, but I sometimes forget to care for them (ouch!). My husband always makes fun of me. He says if plants could cry, like our baby boy, maybe I would water them more often. In most case scenarios they dry out, I add a lot of water, like a looot, and they die definitely. So, my husband cares for the plants in our house.

I don’t like plastic flowers, so they are not an option in our house, but recently I’ve found felt flowers. They look almost like real flowers. They don’t have that unnatural shine like plastic flowers, and once you make them, they will last a long time. They don’t dry out, rot, so basically, the best part is that I can’t kill them. Yay!

Did I convince you? I hope so. And wait until you see how gorgeous they are!

What will you need for the felt flowers?

What I like about making felt flowers and plants is that you only need a few supplies and tools:

  • felt,
  • scissors,
  • glue gun or thread, and needle,
  • pattern (optional).

They look gorgeous, and you can use them all year long. They are also inexpensive.

You can find a ton of free felt flower tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest. Most of these tutorials come with a free pattern or template. So, they are the perfect craft project for everyone, even for beginners and the not so crafty people.

Where or How to use these flowers?

You can make felt flowers for your home: wreaths, garlands, mobile for the nursery, table centerpiece, vertical garden, ornaments, wall decor. Make a felt flower bouquet for your living room or your DIY wedding.

They are also perfect to create something for yourself, like headbands, hair clips, jewelry, crown, boutonniere, purse, bag, pins for your hat, bag, or clothes.

And the list goes on and on.

What type of felt to choose?

For your felt flowers or your felt craft projects in general, you can choose from 5 types of felt:

  • craft felt: 100% synthetic felt. (acrylic, polyester, rayon). It is widely available at major craft stores. You can buy them pre-cut or by the yard. It is also available with self-adhesive back and in glitter sheets.
  • Eco-friendly felt: a popular felt type, made from recycled plastic bottles. Another option is available on the market; the bamboo/rayon blend felt. You can find them under the brand name Xotic felt.
  • wool blend felt: this type of felt is made of real wool and synthetic fibers. Wool blend felt has a better texture than craft felt, but more expensive (still a cheap option).
  • 100% wool felt: The most luxurious felt made with 100% wool, used in professional apparel. Wool felt is quite costly.

I wouldn’t choose 100% wool felt for my everyday craft projects. They turn out great with craft felt or eco-friendly felt. If you can choose, opt for the wool blend felt. They will look more natural and sophisticated.

How to make felt flowers?

You can create felt flowers with four basic methods:

  • Flat: You need to cut felt flowers in several sizes and stack them from largest to smallest. You have to sew or glue them together. The best method to create Daisies and Chrysanthemum flowers.
  • Rolled: You have to cut a felt strip (straight line, spiral, wavy, etc.), roll and glue or sew together to create the flower. The most common rolled felt flowers are Roses.
  • Petal by petal: To create the flower, you have to cut the leaves and attach them to a base or each other. You can create with this technique Dahlias, Sunflowers, or Peonies.
  • Folded: You have to cut felt circles and fold them in half and quarter. Then glue them together at the base to create the flower. The easiest way to create felt flowers. Use this method to create Carnation or Hydrangea.

So here we go.

I collected the best, well, my favorite felt flowers and plants.

Felt flowers with free patterns, templates, and tutorials

My favorite place to find beautiful felt flowers is the Lia Griffiths website. Every felt flower comes with a downloadable PDF file and a step-by-step tutorial.

Felt Flower Bouquets

This spring felt flower bridal bouquet is stunning. The blooms look like real flowers. Try it for a DIY wedding.

Felt flower bouquet

For this bouquet, you will need:

  • Freesia
  • Daffodils
  • Tea Roses and Buds
  • Coral Charm Peonies
  • Greenery.

Another pretty bouquet is this tropical felt flower arrangement. Since tropical decor is a huge trend this year, you can add a tropical touch to your table with this bouquet.

Tropical felt flower arrangement

The felt flowers for the tropical bouquet are:

  • Protea
  • Ginger
  • Heliconia
  • Anthurium
  • Hibiscus
  • Tropical Leaves & Greenery.

I also love their felt Red Poppies (1), felt Crocus flowers (2), felt Daisies (3), and felt Cosmos flowers (4). You should check out the Lia Griffith site.

Felt flowers with patterns

The felt Gerber daisy flower (5) by Something Turquoise, is another I love. It’s also perfect for a bouquet. They look like real flowers. Check out this gorgeous felt flower bouquet.

The felt Calla Lily (6) by Wildflower Felt Designs is another easy DIY felt flower. They would look great in a transparent vase for our white living room.

Felt Tulips (7) by Dyeing House Gallery make a cheap and easy springtime craft. You can incorporate them into your Spring home decor. Use them for a Spring tulip wreath, or as a centerpiece for your Easter table.

Felt Dahlia (8) flowers by Something Turquoise is also a big favorite. They look great in a vase, bouquet, decor on a pillow, on wreaths, and headbands.

Felt flower tutorials and patterns

Felt potted plants with free patterns, templates, and tutorials

Felt potted plants are also a great option to add everlasting decor to your home. You don’t have to water them, to replant them, the stunning colors won’t fade away, you just have to dust them from time to time. Dust the felt plants or flowers with a soft brush, for example, a big painting brush.

My favorite felt potted plants are cacti and succulents. You can display them individually in a flower pot or a cute cup.

Look at these soft and adorable felt cacti (9) by Garden Therapy.

These felt succulents (10) by Shaken Together are so cute and easy to make. Also, succulents look stunning in more extensive arrangements too. My all-time favorites are succulent vertical gardens displayed in a frame. They make the perfect wall decor for any room.

With a couple of felt stones and small felt flowers, you can make your succulent or cacti decor unique.

Other possibilities for potted plants are these felt Poinsettia (11) and felt Clover (12) potted plants both made by Lia Griffith.

Felt flower tutorials and patterns

Felt flowers and plants could make the perfect gift for anyone. They are versatile and beautiful. They are also baby-safe, which is a big plus for me since our baby boy was born.

Are you still confused?

If you don’t want to spend time choosing the right colors for your craft or you want a specific look. Or maybe you just don’t have the time and confidence to make them, but fell in love with them. You can always choose felt flower craft kits.

Conclusion about felt flowers

As you can see a ton of free beautiful felt flower tutorials and patterns are available around the internet. And most of them are effortless to make.

They deffinitely worh a try. You can decorate so many things with these felt flowers. And most of the people who will see them will believe that they are real flowers. Trust me!

I want to make a succulent centerpiece for our living room. So, I plan to make tutorials for different types of succulents. Would you be interested?

Which are your favorite felt flowers or succulents? Leave a comment below.

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The best felt flower tutorials and patterns

Felt flower patterns and tutorials

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