27 Amazing Things to Make Out of Air Dry Clay

Easy and fun air dry clay ideas for adults

Air dry clay is a fantastic material, perfect for beginner and advanced crafters, to create stunning DIY projects. It’s natural, non-toxic, and easy to work with, so you can safely use it with your kids. The purpose of this post is to show you how versatile air dry clay is. I’ve gathered, in my opinion, the best air dry clay ideas for adults.

I’ve been using air dry clay for several years. I used to create jewelry (mostly earrings and a few pendants) and then painted them with acrylic paint. They were so easy to make and looked amazing. The only downside was that they were fragile.

I also tried other crafts with clay, like a votive or small figurines, but they usually cracked. I was disheartened and haven’t made anything else with air dry clay. Back then, I didn’t know about the hacks on how to work with clay.

My next attempt with air dry clay was this clay bird. I researched a lot about the material and its tweaks. I fell in love!

Throughout the years, I’ve seen lots of cool air dry clay ideas on Pinterest and Google. So, a couple of weeks ago I’ve decided that I will dedicate a post to the best crafts made out of air dry clay.

I’ve asked and searched for other bloggers who were willing to share their tutorials. I’ve categorized the ideas so you can easily scan and find the perfect craft for yourself.

So, here we go. MY top picks of air drying clay ideas for adults!

What can you make out of air dry clay?

Air dry clay is very versatile. You can make hundreds of clay items without any special skills or equipment. The most common things you can make out of clay are bowls, plates, trinkets, candle holders, figurines, votives, jewelry, beads, art, etc. Or use the clay to decorate vases, glasses, mugs, etc.

I included a couple of interesting, unusual, but fantastic clay ideas in this post.

Read along to see these phenomenal clay crafts!


Home decor made with air drying clay

Containers and plates

1. Clay and Rope Bowl

Francesca is an amazing creator! She made lots of air-dry clay stuff, but this stylish rope and clay bowl is my favorite. Check out the tutorial on her blog Fall For DIY!

air dry clay bowl

2. Stamped Bowl

Learn how to make beautiful stamped bowls from this tutorial by Gathering Beauty. Keep your jewelry, keys, or your favorite potpourri in it!

clay bowl

3. Clay Dish

I looove these boho clay dishes by Little Red Window! They are a fantastic example of how a little paint can transform something simple into gorgeous in a few seconds!

air dry clay dish

4. Head Planter

This clay head planter by Northern Feeling is so sweet. It’s also pretty simple to make. You could also design different faces and combine them with all sorts of fun succulent ‘hair.’

air dry clay planter

5. Geometric Jar

Do you work from home? In need of something that will beautify your desk? Try this clay jar tutorial by Delineate Your Dwelling. A fantastic organizer to keep your keys, coins, paper clips, and others, or add in a few faux succulents.

air dry clay jar

6. Lacey Containers

Make these beautiful and feminine clay containers by Design Mom to store and organize your beauty products!

air dry clay container

7. Speckled Pot

I love this air dry clay pot by A Pretty Fix. In her tutorial, Jelica will not only walk you through how to make this pot but also shares helpful tips to have a perfect outcome. (It’s hard to join air dry clay pieces, so they won’t separate when drying.)

clay planter


8. Cat Sculpture

Learn how to make sculptures from this tutorial by Susie Bennes. You can also shape the cat’s legs and tail in a way so you can use them as a jewelry holder. What a fancy cat!

clay cat sculpture

9. Simple Bird

I have an easy tutorial on how to make birds with air dry clay. It’s a great way to replicate the bird over and over again. This way, you can make beautiful bird ornaments for Spring or your Christmas tree.

DIY air-dry clay bird

10. Easter Bunny

If you’re looking for an easy Easter craft idea, try these super cute clay bunnies. What I love about this tutorial is that you can make lightweight and relatively large rabbit sculptures. So you can also add them to wreaths.

cute clay bunnies


11. Unique Vase

I’m sure you’ve already seen lots of crafts where the creator covers the glass with clay to make a vase. I’ll show you something different today. This tutorial by Crafts by Amanda will walk you through how to make a gorgeous flower wall pocket. (Don’t pour water into it!)

air dry clay wall vase

12. Clay Card Holders

This tutorial by Fall for DIY is so simple! These clay arch holders are also perfect to showcase your favorite photos or pictures too.

air dry clay card holder

13. Moon Phase Mobile

Add a touch of boho vibe to your home with this DIY moon phase mobile by The Merrythought. So simple and sophisticated, I love it!

Air dry clay mobile

14. Clay Fish Artwork

Do you like coastal home decor? This DIY is for you! Learn how to make an easy clay art from this tutorial by Dans le Lakehouse.

fish clay art

15. DIY Candlestick Holder

Upcycles and recycled crafts are my favorites. This craft, by Wooden Pallet Projects, is the perfect example of how to ‘trash’ into sophisticated home decor using plastic bottles, air dry clay, and some creativity. They look stunning!

clay candle holder

16. Herb Garden Markers

These lovely marbled herb garden markers by Sustain My Craft Habit are so easy to make. If you plan to make crafts this Spring, start with these!

clay garden marker

17. Clay Initial Gift Tags

Personalize your wrapped gifts with these easy air dry clay gift tags by Sum of their Stories. The best part? Your loved ones can use the gift tags as keychains.

air dry clay gift tag

18. Faux Succulents

I was quite surprised when I’ve found this tutorial by Little Red Window. I’ve seen lots of stuff made with air dry clay, planters, and pots for flowers, but fake plants, never! There are endless ways to decorate with this clay succulent!

clay succulent

19. Clay Knobs

Are you planning a home decor update? This tutorial by Delineate Your Dwelling is for you! She made stunning clay knobs with air dry clay and spray paint.

air dry clay knob

Accessories out of air dry modeling clay


20. Faux Stone Bracelet

When I first saw this craft by Sustain my Craft Habit, I was like: where is the air dry clay? They look like real stones! I’m not into the idea of the bracelet part, but I would definitely make these pebbles to decorate my plants.

clay stones

21. Geometric Clay Earrings

Do you have some leftover rolled-out clay? Before kneading them into a ball, follow this tutorial by Pop Shop America, and make a couple of fantastic geometric earrings.

air dry clay earrings

22. Essential Oil Necklace

Create pendants that are not only gorgeous but also smell good with this tutorial by Hello Glow. Not a fan of pendants? Pop it on a keychain holder and take it with you! Your bag or pocket will smell so sweet!

air dry clay necklace

23. Feather Earrings

I love these feather earrings by Little Red Window (Cassie has amazing crafts on her blog). So easy and stunning!

clay earrings

Jewelry Holders

24. Marbled Clay Ring Keeper

This is such a sweet and simple clay craft you can make! The tutorial, by Sum of their Stories, will teach you how to make a clay cone to showcase your rings.

With her idea, I think I will make some super cute clay trees for Christmas.

air dry clay ring holder

25. Jewelry Plates

These lovely clay jewelry plates by Pop Shop America are so simple and beautiful. The best part about air dry clay projects is that you can customize them as you like. Follow the tutorial, then add unique patterns to match your style!

clay jewelry holder

DIY Games using air hardening clay

26. DIY Connect for Game

This game by Lovely Indeed is the perfect clay craft you can make with your kids and enjoy it playing for years. I love the idea so much! It looks so much better than the plastic versions.

connect four game

27. Matching Game

This simple matching game by Jennie Moraitis is so simple and fun to make. It’s a craft you can make with your kids on a Saturday afternoon.

clay game

Final thoughts about air drying clay ideas

As you can see, there are endless crafts you can make with air dry clay. The sky is the limit, well only your creativity!

Air dry clay is such a lovely craft material, it’s cheap, easy to work with, and doesn’t need any special skills or equipment.

I hope some of these ideas inspired you, and you will try to make fabulous crafts with clay.


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