15 Popular Craft Kits for Adults in 2021

The Best Craft Kits for Adults in 2021

Check out the hottest craft trends in 2021, and get to crafting right away with these 15 amazing craft kits for adults.

I’m not really a fan of craft trends. My craft projects are only driven by my style and love for using all sorts of craft materials.

But it is always fun to find out what is trending among other creatives. It’s a super way to learn more about new crafts, materials, and supplies that I can try.

So, are you looking for a new craft love? Or a total beginner who wants to start a new hobby?

Either way, this list is for you!

I’ve chosen kits that are popular (bestsellers) on Etsy.


My picks of best craft kits for adults (on Etsy)

  1. Shibori: Shibori Tote Bag Kit for $44.39,
  2. Embroidery: Beginner Embroidery Kit for $26.50,
  3. Candlemaking: Candle-making Kit for $39.99,
  4. Paint by Number: Personalized Paint by Number Kit for Adults for $34.99,
  5. Acrylic Paint Pours: Acrylic Paint Pour Kit for $29.25,
  6. Resin: DIY Resin Art Kit for $65.00,
  7. Outdoor: Wooden 3D Puzzle Birdfeeder for $59.00,
  8. Pottery: Clay Pottery Kit for $33.97,
  9. Polymer Clay: DIY Polymer Clay Earring Kit for $20.89,
  10. Bargello: Beginner Bargello Kit for $21.91,
  11. Glass Etching: Glass Etching Kit starting from $24.00+,
  12. Calligraphy: Calligraphy Starter Kit for $32.50,
  13. Macrame: Macrame Coaster Kit for $29.22,
  14. Quilting: Beginner Tote Bag Quilt Kit for $18.95,
  15. Diamond Painting: Custom Diamond Painting Kit starting from $9.71+.

Read along for more details, photos, and recommendations.

Why are craft kits good?

The best thing about craft kits is that you’ll get everything (tools, supplies, materials) to create a stunning craft. Also, you’ll get them in the right amount to finish the project. And you don’t have to store all the leftover craft materials after you’re finished.

Even though they can be expensive, they totally worth your money (if it is indeed an amazing kit) IF:

  • you want to make a craft without planning and searching for supplies,
  • you want to try out a new craft to see if it’s a fit for you,
  • you want to give a thoughtful gift to a creative friend or family member.

Why you should buy craft kits for adults on Etsy

All the craft kits I’ve included in this post are from Etsy. You can find kits on several craft stores and websites like Michaels, Joann, Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. But I like to support small businesses.

In most cases, Etsy sellers provide more photos of the product than other sites. This is so important when you shop online and can’t actually touch and see the product.

Also, you can get in touch with the seller and ask questions about the product if something is unclear. Some also offer gift wrapping if you intend to give the craft kit as a gift.

Now let’s get to the fun part!

Here are the popular craft trends in craft kits to try right away!

1. Shibori dye kit

Shibori, ice- and tie-dyeing is so much fun. You can easily create fun and unique clothes, home decor, or accessories for yourself.

Many craft kits offer only the paint and the other tools.

I had a purpose while choosing the shibori craft kit: you get an actual item after you’ve finished crafting.

This kit will result in two amazing tote bags. I love the idea because it’s simple, perfect for a beginner. And you get two gorgeous bags for grocery shopping.

Shibori Tote Bag Kit on Etsy $44.39

2. Embroidery kit

I love, love, love embroidery! It’s not only beautiful also the stitching is so relaxing.

Embroidered clothes, accessories, home decor are trending now.

So why wouldn’t you try and make something gorgeous for yourself?

I love the colorful design of this embroidery kit. It also includes an online class.

You can proudly display your work in your home when you’re done.

(Pst… If you can sew, incorporate this fantastic piece of embroidered fabric into a bag!)

Beginner Embroidery Kit on Etsy $26.50

3. Candlemaking kit

Candlemaking is such a fantastic way to create home decor easily. Also, they can be the perfect handmade gift to give loved ones.

With this amazing kit, you also get two nice little glass jars with cork lids. You can make super cute and stylish scented candles in no time! Perfect for beginners!

Candle-making Kit on Etsy for $39.99

4. Paint by number kit

Paint by number became popular last Spring. People stayed home, and they were looking for a way to pass time.

I’m not surprised at all that many chose painting by number. You can create amazing paintings without talent or painting skills.

What’s the best part? Many Etsy sellers offer personalized paint-by-number kits!

You choose a photo, send it to them. They turn the picture in a paint by number, transfer it on canvas and send the kit with the paint and tools back to you.

So awesome! Turn a family photo or your pet portrait into art.

This can be a thoughtful gift idea for loved ones.

Personalized Paint by Number Kit for Adults on Etsy for $34.99

If you want to skip looking for photos, or you want to replicate a famous picture, create fan art, or a beautiful landscape, I have an article with 50 paint-by-number kits for adults (sold by Amazon).

5. Acrylic paint pours kit

I think acrylic paint pours are going to be my next craft experiment. I’ve been looking at tutorials and awesome paintings made by this method.

The results are amazing! I also love that you can’t control it 100%. The outcome is kind of a surprise.

This fantastic acrylic paint pour kit allows you to choose from five color combinations.

Acrylic Paint Pour Kit on Etsy for $29.25

6. Resin craft kit

You can make lots of amazing stuff with resin: jewelry, keychains, coasters, lamps, magnets, etc. It’s super easy to make, and you can put almost anything in the resin to customize it: pigments, flower, metallic foil, wood, old watch parts, glitter, etc.

Several craft kits are available on Etsy, but most of them only include the tools and supplies to get started.

I wanted something that will show what is possible to create with resin. I’ve chosen an amazing beach-themed resin art kit.

DIY Resin Art Kit on Etsy for $65.00

7. Outdoor decor craft kit

Decorating your garden or backyard became trendy. You can create several items make your outdoor gateway more beautiful, for example, wind chimes, planters, lamps or lanterns, birdfeeder, outdoor furniture, etc.

First, I wanted to share with you a simple birdhouse kit that would super simple to make adorable with some paint and faux succulents attached to the roof (succulent birdhouse inspiration).

But I’ve found something more amazing – this 3D wood puzzle birdfeeder. OMG, these guys make so many amazing wood decorations like flower towers, lanterns, candleholders, tabletop fireplaces, beerholders, and more. Check out their shop (not surprised they made so many sales).

Wooden 3D Puzzle Birdfeeder on Etsy for $59.00

8. Pottery kit

Pottery is trending likely because it’s fun and so relaxing. You may say that yes, pottery is cool, but you need a kiln.

Well, you don’t! Because you can use air-dry clay! You don’t need a kiln nor to bake it in the oven.

With this clay pottery kit, you can make a super cute plant pot for your home office.

Clay Pottery Kit on Etsy for $33.97

9. Polymer clay jewelry kit

My favorite thing to make with polymer clay is earrings.

They are super easy to make, the colors are vivid, and you can customize them with lots of other items like gold flakes, color pigments, push-in small metal charms, etc. When they’re backed, you can also paint them with acrylic paint for fine details.

Polymer clay is available in so many stunning colors and effects, like metallic, stone, translucent, marble clay. And you can mix them as you like.

It’s easy to work with, and the results are beautiful. This could be the reason why it’s trending among influencers.

With this amazing polymer clay jewelry kit, you can make two pairs of beautiful and fashionable earrings. Your girlfriends will want one too!

DIY Polymer Clay Earring Kit on Etsy for $20.89

10. Bargello kit

Bargello is a type of needlepoint embroidery named after a series of chairs in the Bargello Palace, Florence (source). With this technique, you can create mathematic patterns.

With the embroidered sheets, you can create phone cases, pillows, coasters, planter covers, bags, ornaments, and so much more.

This beginners bargello kit is perfect for those who want to test if they would like it. Creating bargello needlepoint items is time-consuming. So, this craft is perfect! You will make a cute pincushion, and you can also tell if you have the patience to make larger items.

Beginner Bargello Kit on Etsy for $21.91

11. Glass etching kit

According to Pinterest, glass etching designs in searches are increasing every year. (source)

So why not personalize your glassware with glass etching? It’s pretty simple! You can add names and fun designs to water bottles, glasses, and also home decor made.

You can either use a premade stencil or create and order your own design. This shop offers cheap personalized glass etching stencils in various sizes.

Glass Etching Kit on Etsy starting from $24.00+

12. Calligraphy kit

In my opinion, calligraphy is one of the most soothing hobbies. Every crafter should learn to draw beautiful letters at least on a beginner’s level.

Why? You can apply the knowledge to several crafts: wall art, an invitation or card making, creating a word or quote stencil for T-shirts, pillows, trays, sign, etc.

This starter calligraphy kit is perfect for beginners. It lays out every stroke for the alphabet. The tracing paper it’s a fantastic idea for practicing! With the fancy calligraphy pen, you will feel like a real artist!

Calligraphy Starter Kit on Etsy for $32.50

13. Macrame kit

According to Google trends, macrame is gaining popularity more and more.

I personally love macrame wall hangings. But there’s a wide variety of objects you can make with macrame: coasters, keychains, lampshades, room dividers, table runners, poufs, curtains, plant hanger, pillows, etc.

For beginners, this simple and colorful macrame coaster is perfect to practice. If you’re more into macrame wall hangings this kit would be more suitable.

Macrame Coaster Kit on Etsy for $29.22

14. Quilting kit

According to Pinterest, interest in quilts is growing. The new trend is Irish quilts.

If I want to be honest, I’m not into quilts or quilted items. I bet there are cool designs out there, but never piqued my interest. (It just reminds me of grandmothers, I can’t help it.)

If I will ever decide to make one, it would be either this modern colorful quilt or this batik stained glass quilt kit. The colors are amazing in both kits!

Or maybe I would start with this beginner quilted tote bag kit and see how it goes before starting a bigger project.

Beginner Tote Bag Quilt Kit on Etsy for $18.95

15. Diamond painting kit

Diamond paintings were and still are very popular. You can find hundreds or even thousands of designs for both kids and adults.

But you know what is so awesome about Etsy? You can order your own custom diamond painting design! It’s such a wonderful way to turn family photos or photos of your pets into wall art.

They would also make a wonderful gift for loved ones.

When ordering a diamond painting kit, don’t forget, the larger the size, the better the effect. The small diamond paintings look like pixelated images.

Custom Diamond Painting Kit on Etsy starting from $9.71+

Final thoughts about trending craft kits for adults

There are so many amazing crafts to try!

If you want to keep up with the latest trends or just looking for a new hobby, these popular adult craft kits are perfect to test the waters.

They will allow you to test and decide later if it’s worth the investment. Then you can fully dive into a specific technique, buy the tools, tutorials, and patterns.

I hope you enjoyed this list of adult craft kits! Which craft would you try in 2021? Leave a comment!

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