DIY wire dragonfly

How to Make a Dragonfly Out of Wire

How to Make a Wire Dragonfly Pendant

Bring a little Spring and color into your life with this beautiful wire dragonfly. In this post, I will show you how to make a stunning dragonfly pendant using wire and nail polish.

wire wrapped dragonfly

Lately, my two big favorite craft materials are air dry clay and the wire + nail polish combo. (So be prepared! You’ll see lots of those in the upcoming weeks and months. Lol!)

So, I’ve been experimenting with wire and nail polish. The most common crafts you see on Pinterest or on the internet use these two materials to create flowers or small wire trees with nail polish leaves.

Before Christmas, I created two mini wreath ornaments (here is the tutorial) with this technique. I was so pleased with the outcome that I’ve decided I will make other crafts too.

The weather got warmer, and I can’t wait for Spring to fully kick in.

So, I’ve made this gorgeous, colorful dragonfly pendant. They also look fabulous as earrings!

But let’s end this fluff and get to crafting!

DIY wire dragonfly

Tools and Supplies:

  • wire (I used 0.40 mm thick, antique bronze jewelry wire),
  • clear nail polish + other colors of your choice,
  • toothpick,
  • scissor,
  • chain and jump ring for a necklace or earring hooks,
  • thick craft foam sheet (optional, I found it easier in shaping identical wings),
  • template (optional, you can download mine from the resource library).

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Video tutorial

Watch the video tutorial or read the instructions, what you prefer. I would recommend both or at least read the tips and hacks section for best results.

Wire dragonfly pendant instructions:

1. Cut out two wing templates from thick craft foam sheets.

DIY dragonfly wing template

2. Use templates to shape two pairs of wings.

wire dragonfly wings

3. Cut two pieces of wire (double the body on the template). Fold it in half. Use the plier to create a buckle. Twist them together all the way down to create the base of the body. Fold back the endings.

4. Secure the wings on the body. You may need a piece of extra wire to tie them down or add a drop of super glue to hold them in place.

DIY wire dragonfly

5. Cut a long piece of wire and wrap it around the body (start at the tail and work your way up to the top).

6. Wrap around the wire a couple of times at the top to create the head.

wire wrapped dragonfly

7. Cover the wings with clear nail polish (It may be tricky, so check out the tips and hacks section under the instructions). Leave it to dry.

wire and nail polish dragonfly

8. Paint the wings with the color of your choice. I like to leave transparent parts next to the body. Add a drop of darker color at the tips. Mix the two colors with a toothpick. I like to drag the lighter color in the darker. to create a more wing-like effect. Leave it to dry thoroughly.

9. Make sure that the wings are 100% dry before adding small dots to the wings with a toothpick (metallic nail polish adds a nice and unique touch to the wings). Leave it to dry.

10. Add a final coat of transparent nail polish to connect the elements and seal the wings. It’ll create a more polished look.

10. Put it on a chain using a jump ring.

DIY wire dragonfly pendant

Tips and Hacks

This craft may seem easy. It’s not rocket science but it’s often hard to get it right. So, I’ve gathered a few tips to help you achieve the best results!

Nail polish wing hacks

Creating the base (the first transparent layer) may be tricky. Not enough nail polish won’t create the layer, but too much will tear the film.

Spread the brush as much as you can to cover a wider area. Make one long and slow stroke from tip to tip.

Protect your table with a paper towel. The nail polish may drip while you paint.

wire dragonfly

Drying tips

1. Always dry them in a horizontal position. If you hang them (vertically) the polish will gather at the bottom and tear the layer.

I use a bigger clothespin, so I don’t have to hold it until the nail polish hardens.

DIY dragonfly

2. Don’t rush it. Wait it out until each layer dries. You can easily ruin and make a hole on the wings if they are not cured properly. The second, colored layer is thicker and it will take longer to dry.

3. After you’ve mixed the two colors and moved on, don’t return to make changes. If you touch it, it will become creased, leave ugly marks or make a hole.

Sizing tips

Sizing may also result in some issues. Making the dragonfly smaller shouldn’t cause any problem.

On larger wings, it’s harder to create the first layer. The smaller the area the nail polish has to cover, the easier it is to create the film.

So, if you want to make the dragonfly bigger, you can dip the wings in nail polish (pour it out in a small container where the wings fit) or wood glue.

Move it out slowly until the glue stretches on the wings. Wait until dry, then apply a second layer with a soft brush.

If you use wood glue, you may need to wait longer.

Attach the wings to the body and color them with nail polish.

DIY wire dragonfly

Wire dragonfly uses

Even though it was designed to be a pendant you can use it for other purposes.

  • Make gorgeous earrings! Create two pairs of dragonflies and put them on earring hooks.
  • Glue it on a bobby pin or brooch base to make other unique accessories.
  • Attach it to a metal bookmark blank.
  • Glue it on a stick and decorate your small plant pots.
  • Use it as a keychain (Handle it carefully! The wings are not super strong. They may break off if you regularly put it in a pocket.).
  • Add it to a card with a minimalist background or light flowers. Perfect for Mother’s day!

Final thoughts about the wire dragonfly pendant

I really enjoyed creating this wire-wrapped dragonfly. I have to admit that it took me a few attempts to look like I wanted to, but the results worth it.

Don’t get discouraged if your first attempt is not flawless. Practice makes perfect.

With this technique, you can also create wire butterflies.

I hope you liked this craft!

Do you like dragonflies? Have you ever tried to create something with the wire and nail polish ‘method’?

Leave a comment!

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18 thoughts on “How to Make a Dragonfly Out of Wire”

  1. Michele Holloway

    I truly enjoyed your tutorial. I used to make wire and nail polish flowers that I then twisted into neclaces, earnings and barretts. Your dragonfly was really wonderful. You have inspired me to pick up this craft again. My mind is dancing with ideas. Thank you. Your video tutorial was very nice and easy to follow. Good luck with future endeavors.

  2. Thank you, Michele! I’m so happy that you liked it. It’s so good to hear (read in this case) that I could inspire someone with my crafts. You made my day!

  3. Leave it a couple of minutes to dry. If the nail polish no longer moves/flows when you rotate it, it’s a good predictor that it has dried. You can carefully touch it, if it’s sticky, leave it to dry for another couple of minutes. When I make the final layer, I usually let it dry for 1 hour to make sure it’s 100% cured. I hope this helps 🙂

  4. The thickness of the wings depends on how many layers you apply. My dragonfly still holds up, however, if you push or poke the wings with something pointy, they will break. You could try and apply a coat of resin to make them sturdier 🙂

  5. Dragonflies are my favorite insect and I have been looking for an easy way to make and wear them. Your tutorials have given me the courage to make a set. Thank you!

  6. How delicate are the wings afterwards? I’m looking to make an ornament and want it to last for years (with proper handling of course.)

  7. Poking and bending the nail polish parts will tear or break the layers. However, if you hang the ornament and store it properly, I think you will enjoy it for years. I decorated one of our indoor plants with this dragonfly. It’s still safe and intact, despite my husband giving it a couple of ‘baths’ (he forgot to remove it when watering the plants).

  8. Thank you for this great craft idea! I liked using glue and polish layers, humidity seems to ruin glue alone, but with polish layers on top of glue ,there was just enough strength to withstand all that humidity.

  9. I would try larger for garden. copper tubing, copper wire, plastic clear sheeting and translucent glitter paint, or iridescent.

  10. That would look fantastic! I’ve seen a couple of garden dragonfly ideas on Pinterest, and I loved how they looked. Good luck with your project!

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