DIY wire and nail polish necklace

How to make jewelry out of wire and nail polish

Chic and feminine DIY necklace tutorial

Making DIY jewelry is so much fun! I used to make lots of them in the past, but I let that hobby go. At the start of this month, I stumbled upon a beautiful, delicate necklace, and I was like, ‘I can DIY that!’

So, I decided to create and share this lovely tutorial and teach you how to make nail polish jewelry. More DIY jewelry projects will follow cause I got into the mood again and have lots of ideas.

You can use nail polish for tons of cool craft ideas, for example, coloring glass ornaments, bobby pins, marbling mugs, creating wire flowers, etc.

When I was a child, I attended lots of camps. We learned to make wire and nail polish trees in one of them. I loved it!

Last year, I had experimented with the technique and did three projects:

  1. wire nail polish flowers,
  2. dragonfly charm that you can use both as a necklace pendant and also as earrings,
  3. mini wreaths that look fantastic as Christmas ornaments (eventually, I used one of them to decorate a gift).

NOTE! I also plan to make a mini Christmas tree this year, so if you like these crafts, stay tuned!


DIY wire and nail polish necklace

Tools and supplies

  • jewelry wire (0.5 mm),
  • nail polish,
  • five pearls or beads,
  • eye pins (optional, you can use the jewelry wire),
  • jewelry pliers,
  • small round tool (you can use a bamboo stick, toothpick, etc.),
  • ruler,
  • chain,
  • jump ring,
  • Lobster clasp.

Step-by-step instructions

How to create the wire branches:

Step 1 – Cut four 20 cm (approx. 8 inches) long pieces of wire.

Step 2 – Fold one of them in half. Use the round tool to create a hoop, and twist 4-5 times.

DIY gold wire jewelry

Step 3 – Measure approx 1 cm (~0.40″) of wire on one side and fold it in half. Press it with the plier.

how to make wire necklace

Step 4 – Open the fold and insert your small round tool. Twist it 2-3 times.

DIY wire leaf
DIY wire jewelry

Step 5 – Continue the branch by twisting the two pieces of wire together 4-5 times.

DIY wire branch

Step 6 – Create another leaf on the opposite side. Repeat until you have four leaves (two on the left and two on the right side).

Step 7 – Finish the branch by twisting the wires 4-5 times and creating a hoop. (Use one of the wires to make the circle, the other to secure it to the branch.)

DIY wire branch for jewelry

Step 8 – Paint the leaves with nail polish (I usually apply two thin coats).

how to make nail polish and wire jewelry

Step 9 – Create four branches by repeating steps 1-8.

How to assembly the necklace

Step 1 – Add an eye pin to each pearl. Trim the excess wire and close it with a hoop.

DIY feminine necklace with pearl

Step 2 – Carefully shape the branches. I slightly curved them. On two piecess, the leaves facing to the right, the other two to the left.

Step 3 – Cut the chain to the right length. I wanted to create a princess necklace, so I made two 14 cm (~5.50″) pieces.

Step 4 – Add the jump rings and clasp.

Step 5 – Arrange and connect the pieces alternating one pearl and one branch.

Step 6 – Attach them to the chain. Enjoy your new, unique, and feminine necklace!

DIY nail polish and wire necklace

How to turn this idea into other jewelry pieces

You can use the main elements of this necklace to make other matching jewelry pieces.

  1. To make an earring: Start the branch with a leaf (not a hoop). Create 3-5 leaves and finish the branch with a hoop. Attach it to a bead and earring hook.
  2. To make a bracelet: You can either use two branches connected with pearls, or you can make one long branch and attach it to a chain.
  3. To make a choker necklace: Make one long branch with pearls on both sides.

Video tutorial

Tips and hacks

1. Make sure that the two pieces of wire are twisting simultaneously when you create the branches. If one of them is wrapping around the other, your branch will look unprofessional. (See image below.)

wire twist for jewelry

2. Don’t use too much polish because it drips and leaves a hole behind.

3. If you accidentally hole the nail polish leaves (either wet or dry), don’t panic: you can easily fix it!

a. Remove the nail polish with a tool and clean it with a nail polish remover. Add a new coat of nail polish.

b. If you can’t remove it, try to push them back to their place as well as you can. Apply a coat of clear or colored nail polish to mend the holes.

4. Do not bend, twist and adjust the branches too much. The twisted wire breaks easily if you stretch it and bend it a lot.

5. For large leaves you can create the first coat by using wood glue. You can use a brush or dip them in the glue and wait for the excess to drip. Wait for it to dry, then color it with nail polish.

6. Pick the nail polish color according to your wire and beads or pearls for a uniform and professional look. you can use a solid color, crackle polish (you will need a base coat), or glitter nail polish for a glimmering look.

7. Don’t use thickened, clumpy nail polish for this craft. You won’t be able to paint the leaves or they won’t dry properly.


Will this necklace break easily? – This is a delicate necklace, you should handle and store with care. You should always take it down when you go swimming, or take a bath.

Is the nail polish durable? – The nail polish layers are flexible. I tried to rip them with my nail but I couldn’t. However, you can poke them out with a pointy or sharp tool.

Final thoughts about wire and nail polish jewelry

Almost every woman has at least a few unused and old nail polishes around their home. This craft is a good idea to reuse some of them and create something new and fantastic for yourself! They also make the perfect homemade gifts for friends and loved ones!

I hope you liked my necklace tutorial and you will also start to make your own jewelry.

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DIY wire and nail polish necklace

How to make jewelry out of wire and nail polish