best jewelry making tutorials for beginners

39 Best Jewelry Making Tutorials for Beginners (2022)

39 Easy DIY Jewelry Projects

Making handmade jewelry is not complicated or challenging at all. With a few basic tools and supplies, you can create fabulous earrings, incredible necklaces, fantastic beaded bracelets, and statement rings that will cost you a few bucks. And you can get all the supplies from your local craft store.

I hand-picked these outstanding jewelry projects from a few talented crafters. They are simple, easy to follow, with practical and beautiful designs. Most creators have other excellent DIY jewelry tutorials on their sites, so you should check them out!

If you’re looking for a new craft or hobby, try jewelry making!

The best part? You’ll need basic knowledge and step-by-step instructions that you can easily find online!

Now, let’s get started!

Essential tools for jewelry making

To make your own jewelry, you’ll need a few simple tools and supplies:

  • Pliers (chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers),
  • Jewelry findings (jump ring, crimp bead, eye pin, bead stopper, head pins, earring wires, beading or jewelry wire, toggle clasps, crimp tube, etc.),
  • other craft materials based on your project (wire, chain, charms, string, beads, clay, rhinestones, embroidery floss, ribbon, etc.).

Picking the right tools based on your project will ease your work and make your projects look more professional. For example, if you make clay earrings, an acrylic rolling pin with guide rings will help you create smooth and even pieces.

I’ve found two jewelry-making tool kits that are perfect for beginners. If you like beaded jewelry, this kit includes the essential tools and also a set of supplies for a few handmade jewelry pieces. If you plan to make lots of handmade jewelry, I recommend this starter set, including all the jewelry-making accessories and must-have supplies.

What is the easiest jewelry to make?

Beaded jewelry is the easiest to make. You should try those out first. Most craft stores have a wide variety of beads you can choose from, beads made of glass, acrylic, plastic, gemstone, metal, wood, clay, pearls, etc. Their most common shape is round, but you can buy and experiment with oval, rondelle, teardrop, square, barrel, coin, and others.

Pick one or two types of beads, and arrange them as you like. You can use a bead design board to help you visualize your new necklace or bracelet. Use a beading needle to string them and add a nice clasp to complete the look.

Easy jewelry project ideas

1. Fancy friendship bracelets

I love these fancy friendship bracelets by A Beautiful Mess. They are super easy to make and look like you just grabbed them from a fashion boutique. I encourage you to experiment with rhinestones, pearl strings, beads, crystals, embroidery floss, leather cords, or other strings to create a bracelet that fits your style.

DIY fancy friendship bracelets
Photo credit A Beautiful Mess

2. Glitter tassel earrings

These tassel earrings by Studio DIY are perfect for a pop of color to your outfit. You can fully customize the colors and style or decorate them with metal charms, rhinestones, or other fun appliques to create statement pieces. I think they would look fantastic in a black-and-white or black-and-gold combo!

DIY glitter earrings
Photo credit Studio DIY

3. wooden hoop earrings

I love these minimalistic wooden hoop earrings by The Merrythought. The natural wood color is lovely; however, adding a splatter of gold acrylic paint or painting the whole hoop with bright colors would also look fantastic.

DIY wooden hoop earrings
Photo credit The Merrythought

4. Eyelash earrings

I adore these cute eyelash earrings by Fall for DIY are a perfect project for beginners. This was the first time I heard of shrinky dink plastic, and now I want to try it on all sorts of projects. I think it’s a beautiful craft material for fast and fun projects.

DIY shrink plastic earring
Photo credit Fall for DIY

5. Air dry clay feather earrings

Air drying clay is a fantastic craft medium. You can use it for many crafts (I have several posts and tutorials on my blog). These lovely air-dry clay feather earrings by Little Red Window are perfect for using leftover clay.

air dry clay earring
Photo credit Little Red Window

6. DIY Gold half-circle necklace

I love craft tutorials that use unusual supplies. For example, this Anthropologie-inspired necklace by Delineate Your Dwelling. You don’t need fancy tools and materials, and you could finish this project in half an hour.

DIY gold duct tape necklace
Photo credit Delineate Your Dwelling

7. Easy beaded earrings

I used to make lots of earrings in the past. These were my favorites because you only need wire, beads, earring hooks, and pliers. This tutorial by Hello Glow will show you how to make them in three different ways. You can create a whole set in a short time.

DIY beaded dangle earrings
Photo credit Hello Glow

8. Felt leaf necklace

Felt is so versatile, soft, and fun to work with. This beautiful felt necklace by Lia Griffith is so easy to make. If you have felt scraps from other crafts, this tutorial is perfect for turning them into lovely and unique jewelry.

DIY felt leaf necklace
Photo credit Lia Griffith

9. wire and nail polish necklace

This dragonfly pendant was one of my favorite crafts last year (my readers also loved it). Using wire and some nail polish, you can create fabulous, colorful earrings, necklaces, hair pins, and more. With this technique, you can make butterflies or other insects too.

DIY wire dragonfly

10. Faceted clay rings

Geometric and minimalist jewelry is trending. With this faceted clay ring tutorial by Lovely Indeed, you can create unique chunky rings. If you want a more delicate piece, make the ‘stone’ with clay and glue it on a metal ring base.

DIY faceted clay ring
Photo credit Lovely Indeed

11. Feminine and delicate hand harness

Hand and body chains are popular right now. I love them too because they are delicate and feminine. They are the perfect Summer and beach jewelry. If you’ve been longing to have one, this is the time. Learn how to make a hand harness by Cupcakes and Cashmere.

DIY ring harness
Photo credit Cupcakes and Cashmere

12. DIY Lava stone necklace

If you like to incorporate the fantastic effects of essential oils into your daily life, this project is for you. This essential oil diffuser necklace by A Beautiful Mess is so simple to make. You can skip adding perfume, add a few drops of oils onto the beads, and you’ll not only smell amazing but also enjoy their health benefits.

DIY essential oil diffuser necklace
Photo credit A Beautiful Mess

13. Cool DIY Stud earrings

This DIY stud and rhinestone earring by Trinkets in Bloom looks impressive! I love how she arranged it. If you’re into unique and fabulous jewelry, I recommend her website. You’ll find tons of handmade jewelry ideas!

DIY stud and rhinestone earring
Photo credit Trinkets in Bloom

14. DIY braided Wire rings

I love, love, love these easy wire rings shared by Helena on Instructables! The one with the tiny seed beads is my favorite. They are easy to customize. You can pick rhinestones and beads in any size: shape, and color. However, I think large beads would look nice but uncomfortable to wear, so that you may opt for flat and half-round beads (for example, flat back, sew-on beads).

DIY beaded wire rings
Photo credit Instructables

15. Ombre crystal necklace

Acrylic crystal beads are perfect for making delicate and feminine jewelry. They are inexpensive and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Try this fabulous DIY ombre crystal necklace by Cupcakes and Cashmere. Using this method, you can also make dangling earrings.

DIY crystal bead necklace
Photo credit Cupcakes and Cashmere

16. DIY statement earrings

This jewelry tutorial looks so much fun! I couldn’t believe how simple it was to make. If you’re looking for a piece of new and fashionable jewelry that looks like an abstract painting, try this shrinky dink earring by Persia Lou.

DIY abstract shrink plastic earring
Photo credit Persia Lou

17. DIY Boho hoop earrings

Summer is here! Spice up your look with these beaded boho earrings by Made in a Day. With a few tools, like pliers and supplies (seed beads and wire), you can create a whole set, even for girlfriends, and finish a pair in a maximum of half an hour.

DIY beaded boho earrings
Photo credit Made in a Day

18. Easy braided bracelet

Do you have a whole box full of jump rings? Try this easy jewelry project by The Crafting Nook. This cute bracelet is perfect for layering. Make other matching bracelets with beads, chains, and charms to create a fun and unique Summer outfit.

DIY jump ring bracelet
Photo credit The Crafting Nook

19. DIY necklace candy

Polymer clay is perfect for making DIY jewelry. I adore Fimo clay with effects (the glitter, granite, pearl, rose quartz, etc.). You don’t need experience and exceptional crafting skills to do a beautiful project. For starters, you can try this easy and gorgeous necklace by The Lovely Drawer.

DIY polymer clay necklace
Photo credit The Lovely Drawer

20. DIY charm bracelets

When I started making jewelry, I was amazed by the variety of metal charms. They are perfect for a beginner to get started in jewelry creation. If you are searching for your first jewelry project, check out these lovely bracelets by Organized Island. You can also make charm necklaces with these basic techniques.

DIY charm bracelet
Photo credit Organized Island

21. Alphabet bracelet

Letter beads are not just for children. Jenni from I Spy DIY created an adult alphabet bracelet that looks amazing! Combine acrylic letters with metallic beads and rhinestone to turn the jewelry playful and elegant.

DIY letter bracelets
Photo credit I SpyDIY

22. DIY Wood bead necklace

Wood beads are very versatile. You can buy them in all sizes, from tiny to chunky. Natural wood beads are my favorite because I can customize them with paint. This painted wood bead necklace by Sustain my Craft Habit is a perfect example.

DIy painted wood bead necklace
Photo credit Sustain my Craft Habit

23. DIY faux sea glass earrings

I’m disappointed that I can’t find sea glass in my country. However, I’ve found a solution! This tutorial by Yarn, Scissors, Silk demonstrates a fun method to create your own sea glass earrings.

DIY hot glue earring
Photo credit Yarn, Scissors, Silk

24. Modern clay earrings

Do you like polymer clay but can’t make the earring pieces identical? I can feel you! Try these liquid clay earrings by Artsy Fartsy Mama. It makes jewelry making easy peasy!

DIY liquid clay earrings
Photo credit Artsy Fartsy Mama

25. Painted leather bracelets

Genuine leather bracelets, especially cuffs, can be pricey. But you can make your own with leather scraps and paint. Check out these fun painted bracelets by Albion Gould for inspiration.

DIY painted leather bracelets
Photo credit Albion Gould

26. DIY washer necklace

I love when unusual things are used for jewelry making. This washer and nail polish necklace made By Wilma looks fantastic. I will try to make this necklace with larger jump rings and include crystal beads or rhinestones for an elegant touch.

DIY washer necklace
Photo credit By Wilma

27. Bird nest necklace

I love this bird nest necklace posted by Sarah on Red Ted Art. They are elegant and delicate, primarily used with pearls. You can also complete the look with a cute bird charm link or pendant.

DIY bird nest necklace
Photo credit Red Ted Art

28. DIY Knot Necklace

I love knotted projects! This knotted necklace by The house that Lars Built is fantastic! You can wear it as is or add beads, chains, rhinestones, or other fun charm and jewelry findings.

DIY knotted necklace
Photo credit The House that Lars Built

29. Waffles necklace

Polymer clay is perfect for creating miniature food jewelry. But making them look real is quite tricky. However, I’ve found this fantastic tutorial on making a waffle necklace by Artsy Fartsy Mama with a clever method.

DIY clay waffle necklace
Photo credit Artsy Fartsy Mama

30. DIY sea pendants

Resin crafts are popular right now, and I’m not surprised at all because you can create fantastic projects with them. It’s also suitable to do lots of beautiful jewelry projects. For example, these DIY sea pendants by Resin Crafts look amazing. You can also add natural sand, tiny shells, and other mini treasures found around the shore.

DIY resin sea pendants
Photo credit Resin Crafts

31. Star Wars earrings

A simple method to create DIY jewelry is using a Cricut machine. It’s perfect for making faux leather earrings. You can buy tons of excellent SVG cut files on the web and turn them into wearable pieces. Here is a fun example, a Star Wars earring by Albion Gould.

DIY leather earrings
Photo credit Albion Gould

32. Tassel earrings

If you are looking for an easy and fast dangle earring tutorial, try these tassel earrings by Craftsy Hacks. You can spice up the look with beads or dip dye for an ombre look!

DIY tassel earring
Photo credit Craftsy Hacks

33. Bottlecap necklace

I love upcycled crafts! This bottlecap necklace by Moms and Crafters looks like those fantastic druzy pendants (resin or raw mineral). Such a simple and fun jewelry project to try!

DIY druzy necklace
Photo credit Moms and Crafters

34. Gold nugget earring

Faceted and geometric jewelry is easy to match with almost any style. You can simply create them using clay. Here is a super simple tutorial on making gold nugget earrings by Lovely Indeed.

DIY geometric clay earring
Photo credit Lovely Indeed

35. Wire heart earrings

I love this simple wire heart earring by Fall for DIY. You’ll need wire, pliers, and earring backing. Make them as tiny or as big as you like.

DIY wire heart earring
Photo credit Fall for DIY

36. Beaded tassel necklaces

Tassels are also perfect for necklaces! These beaded tassel necklaces by Made in a Day look fantastic. Grab some beads, metal charms, and thread for the tassels, and create your statement necklace in an afternoon. You can easily create matching earrings too!

DIY beaded tassel necklace
Photo credit Made in a Day

37. DIY painted wood bangle

Chunky wood bangles are the perfect statement bracelets! Check out this fantastic painted bangle by Fox and Hazel. It looks like a piece of abstract art!

DIY abstract wood bangle
Photo credit Fox and Hazel

38. Wire heart bangle

Did you like the sweetheart earrings? Create a matching heart bracelet using this tutorial by Happy Hour Projects. Simple and elegant, but you can add beads or charms if you like.

DIY wire heart bracelet
Photo credit Happy Hour Projects

39. DIY woven necklace

I love these types of statement necklaces! They look fantastic with white shirts. Grab a piece of chunky chain, thread, and head over to this tutorial by Hello Glow to create this DIY woven necklace.

DIY braided chain necklace
Photo credit Hello Glow

Jewelry-making beginner’s guide

Even though most of these jewelry projects won’t require previous knowledge or skills, for some of them, you’ll need to learn a few skills, tips, and hacks if you want them to look good.

I think the best way to learn new crafts is by watching videos. Youtube is full of amazing crafters and jewelry makers who share their knowledge. Also, you may start by reading guides to learn the basic skills of the jewelry technique you like. There’s an online tutorial for almost anything. Here are a few recommendations:

You can also purchase books for a specific method and join online classes or workshops to learn the ins and outs of a particular technique.

Final thoughts about jewelry making for beginners

I hope I could inspire and encourage you to start making your jewelry. It’s a fantastic feeling when you get compliments on jewelry you created yourself. Also, they make the perfect handmade gift for friends, family members, or any woman in your life.

Jewelry making is a fantastic, relaxing hobby, and if you master the skills, you can also start your own jewelry line! Good Luck!

Soon I’ll share a few easy jewelry projects. So, if you liked this post, stay tuned!

Which jewelry project was your favorite? What kind of jewelry-making tutorials would you like to see? Leave a comment!

DIY jewelry making projects

39 Best Jewelry Making Projects for Beginners (2022)