Free Geometric and Rose Gold Printables

Free Printable Geometric Wall Art for Women

Rose Gold Geometric Printable Wall Art

Do you need a new, feminine, and modern wall art for your home office? I have good news for you! Today I’ll share with you a three-piece set of stunning, trendy, free, geometric wall art printables with rose gold accents!

Beautiful word printable

What inspired these geometric printables

Do you ever have those days when you need to do something feminine? Like having a new manicure, cutting or arranging your hair, buy a fabulous dress, or just having a long ‘spa’ day at home with a hot bubble bath.

After becoming a mom, I rarely have time for myself. I’m happy if I can have a quick shower at the end of the day and wash my hair now and then (super grateful for the creator of the dry shampoo lol).

There is so much to do in one day: cleaning, cooking, playing, diaper changing, blogging, super-fast crafts, washing, ironing, or folding clothes, etc. It’s a vicious cycle that goes on and on; I never see the end of it.

I crave those moments more than ever, the small stuff like a nice manicure. With a toddler, it’s not easy to look and feel feminine.

My checklist before leaving the house:

  • Clean and comfy clothes. (That typically won’t stay spotless for more than half an hour.) X
  • Fine hair. (If my hair is clean, I’ll leave it down; if not, I put it up in a pony-tail or bun. Usually, the second case scenario goes live. I’m lazy or don’t have time for styling my hair, or both.) X
  • ‘Make-up.’ (A 10-second cat-eye make-up does the trick.) X
  • Manicure. (Ha-ha. Just kidding! Short nails without dirt, paint, or other unwanted stuff, and we can leave the house!) X

Can you relate? Long story short, I desire womanly stuff in my life!

Therefore, I’ve decided that my next free printable set will address women.

I devote these printable for all the moms and women who don’t have time for themselves but need a little feminine touch in their lives.

Printable Mock-up

What will you receive after downloading the rose gold prints

If you’ve already read my blog in the humongous see of other blogs, you may know that I don’t share one-piece printables. I always like to do at least two or three printables in a set (When I’m super creative, I do more. For example, I have a ten-piece Halloween printable wall art bundle).

These feminine, geometric printables are no exception. After downloading, you’ll receive a PDF file in an 8.5×11″ size.

The rose gold geometric printables include:

  • one print with hexagon shapes in rose gold and marbled colors,
  • the word ‘Beautiful’ on a white marbled background and two rose gold glitter hearts,
  • a modern geometric shape composition.

I’m glad how they turned out, and I hope you also like them as well.

'Beautiful' Printable
Rose Gold, Marble and Glitter Hexagons
Geometric Shapes with Marble Backdrop

How to get access to these modern printables

It’s easy to get these feminine prints; you need the password to the free resource library. If you are already a member of our newsletter, we send out the password in every email. Look it up, remember, or copy before accessing the page.

If you’re new and never heard about our blog, you can sign up with the form below, and we’ll deliver the password right away in your inbox. (We never send spam or unwanted, excessive offers. Also, you can unsubscribe anytime.)

After accessing the Library, you should read the rules and the term of use. When you’re done, grab the printables, not only these, you can download one, two, three, or all of our printable wall art and templates.


Final thoughts about these digital downloads

Adding printable art to my home is one of my favorite ways to decorate my home on the budget.

These rose gold and geometric printables are perfect for boss babes, trendy moms, or even teenagers and young adult women. Rose gold decor is trending in fashion and also home decoration.

Print them at home or your local print shop. Frame them and hang them on your walls. You can also turn them into canvas wall art, put them on a binder or planner, on cups or mugs, or a tote bag. Keep them or give them as gifts for friends and family.

Complete the look with this set of inspirational wall art set in rose gold by Work It Women.

I hope you also liked these digital downloads. Would you like to see more modern, geometric, free printables? Leave a comment.

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