Watercolor Insect Digital Downloads

Free Watercolor Insect Printables

Watercolor insects digital prints

In this post, I’m giving away three insect watercolor printables. They are inspiring and add a pop of color to any room.

In this post, I will share with you a 3 piece set of watercolor insect printables. They are colorful and loaded with Summer vibes.

Watercolor Insect Digital Downloads

What inspired the insect printables:

I can’t wait for Summer. To be honest, I love every season, but with a baby on board, the cold season with all the dressing up and whining drive me nuts. So I wanted to create something fun, colorful, and boho to remind me of the hot summer days.

As you may have seen, I love watercolor art. So I had to make a bundle of wall art for adults too (I have two sets of watercolor animal and sea-life prints for kids). I continued the animal + watercolor theme but aimed for a more sophisticated look.

What you will get:

I could have named this set of prints Watercolor Butterfly Art, but the second one is more like a moth, and I didn’t want to mislead you.

The bundle displays three different insects with variable colored watercolor blots. I also included an inspirational word for every print: Happiness, Believe, and Dream. They look stunning individually and also arranged in a set.

Watercolor Insect Digital Downloads
Watercolor Insect Digital Downloads
Watercolor Insect Digital Downloads

How to use the insect prints:

This set is colorful and feminine, perfect for women and teens, for the bedroom or home office. The green butterfly with the word “Happiness” resonates with me the most.

You can incorporate these designs in many ways:

  • print one of them (or all of them), put them in a frame, and hang them on your walls,
  • pair them with other art or decorative objects to create a gallery wall (check out this awesome watercolor feather print by We Lived Happily Ever After)
  • take it to your local print shop and make them a canvas art,
  • add them to a mug, cup, plate, or any other homeware,
  • print them on a white T-shirt or tank top to create a stunning summer top,
  • add them to other objects: aprons, tote bags, etc.

How to download these prints:

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We continuously add new printables to the library, also keep you up to date every time we add a new design.


Do you like this set of digital watercolor art? Would you like to see more? Leave a comment.

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