Free Printable Floral Art

Free Printable Floral Art

Printable floral wall art freebies

Today I’m giving away this three-piece set of beautiful pressed flower wall prints. Printable floral art is perfect for adding a touch of color for your Spring or Summer home decor, but also as year-round wall art.

Printable floral digital downloads

What inspired the flower pictures

I’ve started designing these prints a couple of weeks ago (it may have been a month or two already, time flies by really fast) when the weathered was gloomy and rainy, and it didn’t resemble anything like Summer.

I craved the beautiful weather, the sun, and the long walks with my Little Guy (after several weeks of lock-up in our apartment).

We looked out the windows a lot. I had to clean them regularly since he was (and still now) teething, and he touched and smudged and patted the windows with his little wet hands every single time. After a two-minute “sightseeing,” the view around our block was like an impressionist art piece.

So, I had to create something colorful, filled with flowers, and joy. This set of flower printables is the result. I hope you enjoy it!

Floral Printable Art

What you will get after downloading

You will receive these prints in PDF format, sized 8.5×11 inches. The set contains 3 floral printables:

  • a pressed flower mandala (I can’t get enough of mandalas),
  • one butterfly made out of flowers (there is no Summer without beautiful butterflies),
  • the word “LOVE” on a colorful flower bed.

There is a saying in my mother tongue (Hungarian), which translates to something like ‘One who loves flowers cannot be a bad person.’

Free printable floral wall prints
Free flower printables
Free floral digital downloads

How to use the floral printables

When I design my free printables, I usually think of creating wall art prints. But with time, I’ve found out that they fit other objects that you could beautify. This is especially true for these flower printables.

So let’s see on what objects you can add them:

  • print and put them in your favorite frame, hang them separately or as a collection,
  • decorate a T-shirt, tote bag, cup, mug, apron, or other items,
  • print them smaller and give them as cards,
  • transfer the designs to other objects around your home: trays, boxes, canvas, wood, etc. with these image transfer methods by The Empress of Dirt.

How to download these free prints

You can download all of our free printables from the Free Resource Library. You will need the password to get access to the PDF-s.

If you are already a member of our email list, you can find the password in every email we send.

If you are new, you have to sign up for our newsletter, and we will send it to you. I promise that we won’t send you spam emails, and if you no longer want to hear from us, you can easily unsubscribe anytime.


Final thoughts about the floral digital downloads

I really enjoyed creating these floral digital downloads. They would add a touch of color and joy to any space.

Printable wall art is an easy and inexpensive way to add or change the decoration in your home. With a set of beautiful, natural-colored frames (wood, white, black) you’re good to go for any kind of printable all year long.

I hope you also liked these free floral printables and you will decide to print and hang them in your home (I would love to see a photo).

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