air drying clay plant pot ideas

19+ Amazing Air Dry Clay Pot Ideas

Air dry clay is a wonderful and versatile craft material suitable for all kinds of projects. The best part is that this type of clay doesn’t need an oven or use of a kiln to cure compared to traditional clay or polymer clay, making self-hardening clay perfect for at-home pottery and other DIY projects. Create some pots, bowls, trays, or plates, set them aside on wax paper, and it will self-harden at room temperature in 24-72 hours.

Pottery has a relaxing and therapeutic effect, making it popular in recent years. The most common projects are flower pots.

To sculpt the vessels, you can use the traditional ceramic techniques, pinching, hand building, coil construction, or throw a piece of air hardening clay on the pottery wheel.

So, I’ve decided to collect beautiful pinch pots, succulent planters, and other beautiful containers for your plants. These are the perfect projects for beginners, and you can also use them as pencil holders or desk organizers.

Let’s dive in!


The best clay pot tutorials

If you like the ideas, you can access the full tutorial for every project by clicking the link. These clay containers are also great gifts for mother’s day, birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion.

1. Clay balloon planter

This sphere planter made by Artsy Pretty Plants looks fantastic. I’ve seen this excellent idea on Pinterest made with concrete but never thought of using air dry clay. You can leave it white or colored with acrylic paint or dip dye for an ombre look.

baloon air dry clay planter
Photo credit Artsy Pretty Plants

2. DIY faux glazed pots

The painting and the glossy finish give this lovely small pot by Fall for DIY a trendy look. Plant a few colorful succulents, and you have a great gift idea for anyone.

air drying clay pot
Photo credit Fall for DIY

3. Air dry clay gnome planter

Cut and dress up an empty plastic bottle with air dry clay to make this cute gnome planter. This project is perfect for creating a Christmas tree alternative for your desk or office.

gnome planter made out of air modeling clay

4. Textured clay planter

You don’t need to build a planter from scratch; you can dress up a terracotta pot with clay. This tutorial by A Beautiful Mess shows a simple method to make textured clay pots.

textured air hardening clay pot
Photo credit A Beautiful Mess

5. Rainbow air dry clay pot

I love this stylish clay rainbow planter by Isoscella. The black mini pot suits every home decor style. A white speckled design would also look nice, you can go bold and paint it in bright colors or go for a boho organic look with earthy tones.

rainbow air dry clay pot
Photo credit Isoscella

6. DIY hanging air plant holders

Air dry clay is an excellent material for creating air plant holders. These geometric hanging pots by Squirrelly Minds are a perfect addition to any home.

hanging air dry clay air plant holder
Photo credit Squirrelly Minds

7. DIY nordic clay head pot

Head planters are trending in home decor, and this tutorial by Northern Feeling will teach you how to make one. This project is the perfect succulent planter!

air dry clay head planter
Photo credit Northern Feeling

8. Cute clay sloth planter

This hanging sloth planter by Happy Thought starts as a pinch pot and turns into the most adorable plant holder I have ever seen. I always preferred white clay, but this project is perfect for terracotta air dry clay.

air drying clay sloth pot
Photo credit Happy Thought

9. DIY mini air dry clay pot

Make this modern speckled pot by A Pretty Fix to plant lovely mini succulents, flowers, or other greenery. It’ll also make a perfect pencil holder or makeup brush holder.

speckled air dry clay pot
Photo credit A Pretty Fix

10. DIY plaited air drying clay planter

If you love plaited decor, try this fantastic tutorial by Fall for DIY. Francesca, the author, has lots of lovely air-drying clay projects. She even published a book with her fantastic creations “Easy Homemade Pottery.”

DIy plaited air dry clay pot
Photo credit Fall for DIY

11. Hanging clay planters

These bold-colored hanging clay pots by Garden Therapy add a pop of color to any room. I love the idea of how she decorated the jars with geometric shapes. But you could use the cookie cutters you love.

DIy hanging air dry clay pot
Photo credit Garden Therapy

12. Air dry clay wall planter

Wall planters are gorgeous! This tutorial by Make and Fable will show you how to make a fantastic geometric plant pot. I would make a three-piece set for our living room.

DIY geometric clay wall planter
Photo credit Make and Fable

13. DIY faceted clay pot

Turn a chunky pinch pot into this cool faceted clay container by Delia Creates. I love how she added a felt cactus and turned it into a pin cushion. You can also use it as a desk organizer to store small office supplies like paper clip, push pins, etc.

DIY faceted air dry clay pot
Photo credit Delia Creates

14. DIY Easter egg planter

Are you looking for an Easter table centerpiece? Try this air dry clay egg tutorial by Heart and Vine. Create mini planters for place card holders by sculpting clay around styrofoam eggs.

DIY egg air dry clay pot
Photo credit Heart and Vine

15. DIY Rainbow planter

This clay rainbow container by Auburn Artisan looks fantastic as a flower pot and a vase. Don’t forget, an air dry clay vase won’t hold water (it’s porous) even if you seal it. Insert or incorporate when sculpting a glass or plastic bottle for fresh flowers.

rainbow air hardening clay pot
Photo credit Auburn artisan

Air drying clay pot – Video Tutorials

16. Air dry clay pot with lid

Anca, who made this beautiful air dry clay trinket pot is a fantastic artist! I love her work; she also creates wonderful air dry clay pins. You should check her channel for inspiration.

17. Cute and colorful double planter

This video will show you how to make two cool DIY planters, one made out of air dry clay, the other using polymer clay. I love the style!

18. Boho air-dry clay plant pots

This video teaches you how to make simple stamped planters using air dry clay.. If you want more clay ideas Ivett has other fantastic air dry clay tutorials.

19. Head pinch pot

I love this unique air dry clay head pot. A colorful succulent planted as the ‘hair’ would look stunning. Jasmine Pottery Studio has an Etsy store with many air dry clay kits forbeginnerss.

Other clay flower pot ideas

Do you want more DIY clay planter ideas? Check these tutorials:

  1. Clay, Leather, and Macrame Hanging Planter by Brepurposed
  2. Cute Clay Succulent Planter by Decor Lovin
  3. Lovely Flower Wall Pockets by Designlovefest
  4. DIY Mini Air Plant Holders by Small + Friendly
  5. Stamped Clay Planters by Damasklove

Air dry clay pot kits

These kits include air dry clay, tools, and instructions too.

For other air drying clay kits recommendations, check out my other article.


Is air dry clay good for pottery?

You can use air dry clay for pottery, but only for decorative purposes. Air drying clay is a porous material; it’s not waterproof, food-safe, dishwasher-safe, or suitable for outdoor use. Air dry clay crafts are not as durable as projects made with natural clay fired in a kiln.

Can you use air dry clay on a pottery wheel?

You can use air dry clay on a pottery wheel. However, it won’t act as natural clay. Self-hardening clays contain different ingredients (for example, paper, vegetable fibers, etc.), so they won’t behave like natural clay, they easily collapse after some time. However, you can experiment and throw a piece of air-drying clay on the potter’s wheel. For more info visit this helpful guide by Pottery Crafters.

Can you use air dry clay for plant pots?

Air dry clay is perfect to try out pottery, but it’s not the best choice for making functional flower pots and planters. If you expose air drying clay to water for some time, the craft will disintegrate. You can even dissolve bone dry clay in water and create slip (so-called ‘air dry clay glue’).

You have two options for making usable plant pots>

  1. Sculpt the pot around a glass or plastic container.
  2. Create the planters with epoxy air-dry clay, which is waterproof and durable (also suitable for outdoor use).
  3. Use them only with air plants, or faux succulents, plants, and flowers made out of fabric, felt, or even air dry clay (tutorial by Little Red Window).

Pro tip: Buiding air dry clay around a container makes it more prone to cracking because the clay won’t have room for shrinkage. The best way to dry them is by covering the craft with a damp cloth or putting it in a plastic bag to slow the drying time.

What’s the best air dry clay for pots?

The best air-dry clay to make plant pots is DAS air-hardening modeling clay. I found it the most resistant to cracks, it’s quite durable after drying, and also inexpensive. Other brands like Amaco Stonex or Amaco Mexican may suit you better for making planters on a pottery wheel,. To make a waterproof pot use Apoxie air dry clay.

How to paint air dry clay pots?

Acrylic paint, tempera, or gouache are perfect to paint air-dry clay craft projects. the paint adheres well to the porous surface of the clay. To decorate the clay, you can also use permanent markers, pencils, or soft pastels.

If you’re interested I have a guide on how to paint air drying clay projects.

How to seal air dry clay pots?

To seal your clay crafts you can use an acrylic sealer, mod podge, or even resin. Apply several thin coats and leave them dry in between. The varnish will protect your project and also makes it more durable. After sealing the object will become water-repellent but not 100% waterproof.

More air-dry clay ideas

Air-hardening clay is very versatile. The items you can make from this beautiful craft medium are endless, candle holders, jewelry, for example, a clay pendant, fairy houses, clay knobs, a ring holder, vases, bowls, etc.

For inspiration check out my article on 27 things to make out of air dry clay.

Final thoughts about air dry clay pots

Crafting with air drying clay is so much fun! A simple plant pot is the perfect project for beginners. So, grab a piece of wet clay and let your creativity flow!

I hope you liked this list of clay plant pots and that you’ve found inspiration. Which pot was your favorite?

I have a few new ideas and can’t wait to make them and share them with you!

Air dry clay pot ideas