Fun air dry clay craft kits for adults

10 Fun Air Dry Clay Kits for Adults

Pottery At-home Kits – Clay Craft Kits to Try

Do you want to try a new hobby? Pottery is trending in the craft world! Air dry clay is such a versatile material, you can create tons of fun projects and pottery at home with it, and you don’t need special equipment like a kiln.

I love to work with air drying clay. It’s easy to shape and personalize with paint. I’ve made several fun projects with both store-bought and homemade clay.

If you haven’t tried crafting with air hardening clay, you should definitely try it!

To make things easier I’ve collected a few cool air dry clay kits for adults that may interest you.

Why a kit is better than buying a pack of clay in the craft store? You’ll also get the tools needed. Most kits come with instructions, tutorials and best practices. It allows you to try it and if you like it, you can buy a large pack of clay afterwards.

Also, craft kits are perfect gifts for loved ones. As you will see, I’ve featured several kits that are made for two. They are perfect to spend quality time with family, friends, your spouse, or your child.

Let’s get started!


Air Dry Clay tutorials you may like:

1. Clay Gnome Kit for two

(on Etsy for 47.27$)

I love gnomes. They are so cute! And a lot easier to make them with clay than you think. With this clay kit, you can make two gnomes with your best friend or your husband. Display them on your shelf or seal them with an outdoor varnish and decorate your garden. (Be careful, air dry clay doesn’t ‘tolerate’ water even with a waterproof sealant, so make sure you put it in a place where it’s protected from extreme weather and rain).

2. Head planter for two

(on Etsy for 47.27$)

Head-shaped planters are trending. They are either funny, cute, or both. Air dry clay is the perfect craft material to make your own cute flower pot. This kit allows you to make two pots. It’s perfect to share with your best friend or spouse.

3. Pottery Date Night Box

(on Etsy for 41.37$)

This kit is perfect for at-home date nights! It includes not only the clay and tools but also conversation cards and sweets, s you can have a memorable and meaningful time with your loved ones. To make it more interesting, you could model something without the other to see and give them as a gift.

4. Clay Fairy House

(on Etsy for 26.00$)

With this clay kit, you can create amazing fairy houses. Cut a bigger hole on one side and insert a led tealight candle (air dry clay is flammable you should never use a real candle) to make a cute luminary.

5. Cloud Pottery Art Kit

(on Etsy for 35.46$)

If you want to add a cute wall hanging to your kid’s room or nursery try this cloud art kit. It’s adorable and so easy to make. I love to create handmade decorations and stuff for my son’s room because they are unique, and it’s such a good feeling when I see that he enjoys what I made for him.


6. Clay Date – Starter Kit

(on Etsy for 35.46$)

With this starter kit, you’ll get stone air dry clay, which has a cool grey color (not the regular white or terracotta). You can learn how to make cute clay wire birds (I also have an article on how to make easy air dry clay birds), a tealight holder, a lidded pot, and a small table wreath.

7. Paw Print Kit

(on Etsy for 23.64$)

Do you have a pet? This air dry clay kit is for you! You can capture your cat’s or dog’s paw print and turn it into a cute ornament. The kit provides more than enough clay to make several ornaments or other fun stuff too. The perfect gift idea for creatives with pets.

8. Boob Pot Kit

(on Etsy for 26.37$)

Are you the person who loves funny or even kinky decor? Then I’ve found the perfect kit for you. Let’s make a clay boob pot. I laughed when I found it. I had to include it in this list! (Psst! It’s a bestseller!) This clay kit would make a cool activity for a girl’s night with red wine and lots of laughs.

9. Harry Potter Sorting Hat Kit

(on Etsy for 50.23$)

I love the Harry Potter books and movies (not as much as one of my friends). I still rewatch them from time to time. If you’re a big fan or know someone who is, this kit is perfect. You can make the Sorting Hat! Insert a battery-operated tealight and you also have awesome Halloween decor.

10. A starter Kit with all the tools

(on Etsy for 66.48$)

If you want to experiment with air-dry clay and look for several cool ideas, not just a one-afternoon activity, this is the kit for you. You’ll get the clay, all the necessary tools, and a 22-page booklet with instruction and craft ideas. It’s perfect to get started in at-home pottery.

Final thoughts about the Air Dry Clay Kits for Adults

Crafting with air drying clay is so easy and fun. I love the simplicity of modeling, drying, and painting. You can make almost anything with it. It’s such a wonderful medium to work with. Creating something with your hands has a therapeutic effect too.

These kits allow you to spend quality, meaningful time with your loved ones, family, friends, or your spouse. They also make the perfect gift for someone creative.


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