The Best Scratch Art Kits and Books for Adults

15 Scratch Art Paintings for Adults on Amazon

Are you looking for a new relaxing hobby? Try scratch painting! In this post, I’ll share the best scratch art kits and scratch books I could find on Amazon for adults.

Scratch-art is perfect for beginners. You don’t need to be an artist, have talent, or have good drawing skills. Most of these scratch painting kits have everything prepared for you, you just have to scrape off the outlines.

Scratch painting is the perfect activity to unwind after a busy day. It’s relaxing and so satisfying when the colors, patterns, and designs reveal.

I remember when we used this simple technique to create art in school. We loved to create them and were so amazed by the colorful outcome.

To be honest, I didn’t know that scratch art kits were a thing. In my country, I’ve never ever seen them in a craft shop (I made a quick research, some big stores sell a couple of books for kids and I’ve also seen a kit in one of the stores in my town).

Now I feel the urge to order at least one from Amazon (lol). For starters, I’ll make a handmade art piece (I will share the tutorial on the blog I promise). I already have a couple of ideas.

You can frame and display them in your home, send some of them as greeting cards or personalized notes. They would make perfect gifts for crafters and art lovers. I would love to get one for my birthday!

But now let’s see all the amazing kits and books I’ve found!


I’ll divide this list into three sections: scratch art books for adults, scratch painting kits, and scratch creativity kits (the last one is made up by me, I wanted to distinguish them).

Recommended tools

Your scratch kit doesn’t have tools? Do you want to take scratch paintings to the next level? These are the tools you’ll need:

  • Scratching tools
  • Clean brush
  • Repair pen
  • Gloves

If you want to make lots of scratch art paintings, I’ve found a set that has everything you’ll need (see the scratch toolset on Amazon).

1. Scratch-art books for adults

Scratch art books usually include several scratch-off pages with lots of different designs. They come in a notebook size so they are practical, you can take them with you when you travel or to work (They are perfect to pass the time while attending a boring meeting, lol).

Mandalas for Meditation Scratch-off Book

Mandalas are perfect for stress relief. This amazing book has 36 pages, full of colorful mandalas. You don’t need to be an artist to create these stunning, detailed, vibrant art pieces.

The Message – quotes with intricate designs

This scratch-off book has 8 colorful patterns with quotes suitable both for adults and teens. These stunning designs would look amazing framed and displayed in both an office, or teens room.

Scratch & Sketch Extreme

Scratch away stress and frustration after a long day with this amazing scratch book. Choose from 20 designs (10 glittery and 10 colorful) including animals, mandala, swirls and so much more!

The Colorful Flowers Scratch-off Book

This healing art book has 12 flower designs (4 white covered and 8 black covered). The colorful and realistic art pieces, you’ll have after scratching, would make the perfect botanical wall art for any room!

The zodiac scratch book

The Zodiac scratch-off book has 12 constellations with vibrant colors and intricate designs. The book includes a wood scratch tool, however, due to the small details, make sure you have a scratch tool with a fine point too!

The Little Prince scratch book for adults

Were you a Little Prince book fan, and still love it as an adult? This scratch-off art book is for you! Reveal 10 scenes with quotes from your favorite book and experience the relaxing effects of etching.

Artful Etching – Midnight Garden

Scratch away the lines to unfold the colorful flora and fauna! The book includes 10 scenes filled with colorful flowers and animals. It has instructions, but it’s up to you how much detail you want to reveal.

My Fairy Tale Scratch Coloring Book

Do you still believe in fairytales? Or just love the classic bedtime stories? This art book for adults has 12 scratch sheets with amazing details featuring Snow White, Pan Peter, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and so much more.

2. Scratch painting kits for adults

Scratch art is perfect to create nightscapes. No surprise there are lots of paintings available featuring city night views, but colorful animal portraits are also very common.

City night view scratch art pads

This kit has 4 scratch cards that have a modern, colorful vibe. Perfect gift for those who love to travel. They would look awesome displayed on a gallery wall or framed individually.

Detailed nightscapes scratchboard for adults

This wonderful art kit includes 4 scratch pads with beautiful, colorful, detailed night views (scratch tools and bonus scratch sheets to practice). The seller offers a different set of nightscapes too if you’re looking for something else.

Scratch off Animal Portraits in Rainbow Colors

If you love animal wall art, this scratch art set is for you! The kit includes 4 animal portraits (unicorn, zebra, dog, and cat), scratch tools, and a brush. Other animal sets are also available from this seller.

Wildlife animals – Gold foil Scratch Paintings

This animal scratch-off art kit is beautiful. Includes detailed 3 sheets. The gold foil background makes these art pieces easy to incorporate into any home decor style.

Beautiful rainbow girls

Grab this beautiful scratch painting kit to create delicate and feminine art easily. The kit includes 4 (A4 sized) scratch-off sheets, 2 scratch tools, and a brush.

3. Scratch creativity kits

If you’re not looking for a particular art piece, experiment with the scratch painting technique, or boost your creativity, I have two cool kits for you that you may like.

Scratch art kit

This kit is perfect to experiment with scratch art suitable both for adults and kids. Includes 42 sheets, 4 patterns, 4 scratchers, 4 stencils. and others. Let your creativity flow or invite your friends for a fun crafting afternoon!

Scratch paper set

Do you like to leave fun notes to your family or coworkers? This kit has 404 scratch paper for notes with holographic, rainbow, gold foil, and more fun backgrounds. They are also perfect for creating vision or mood boards!

Conclusion about the scratch art kits and books for adults

Are you looking for a new hobby?

Do you like to test and experiment with new art techniques?

Would you like to create art, relax, and have fun but you’re not good at painting or drawing?

Try scratch art painting! You may have created scratch art as a child, but these kits and books take it to the next level.

The amazing metallic, holographic, glittery, and rainbow backgrounds, with the blank and pre-printed sheets make the process fun, exciting, and relaxing at the same time!

I hope you liked this collection of kits. I’ll come with a few easy and stunning scratch art tutorials soon, so stay tuned!

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