Colorful Playroom printable wall art

Free Colorful Playroom Printables

Get this set of colorful playroom printables for free

Hello Everyone! I want to share with you this set of fun free playroom printables.

My purpose was to create something colorful and perky that fits and adds character to any kid’s room or playroom. I love this wall art because it’s gender-neutral and easy to incorporate in any home decor style.

Free Playroom Printables

What inspired this playroom printable

Since our son was born (I can’t believe he is already one year old, time really flashes by), I have a new type of creative flow. I always had some idea rushes now and then, but these days I have plenty, and a lot of them are kid’s related stuff. Maybe becoming a Mom influenced my creative juice. So, you should expect prints and also crafts for children’s rooms and playrooms.

We live in a 3 room apartment, that’s pretty crowded, so we don’t have a lot a space to hang art. But hopefully, we can move to a bigger house (I really want and can’t wait to move to a home with a backyard), and I will have plenty of naked walls to decorate.

This set of playroom prints contain: 

  • “Let’s Play” quote print, with decorated letters in various colors,
  • star shape out of numbers, dots, and small stars, with the same colors and embellishments,
  • print with colorful brush strokes and the word “fun.”

You will get the prints in a PDF format, sized 8.5×11 inch.

I love printable wall decor because it’s inexpensive, easy to change, and ready in no time. Download the files, print one or all of them out, and put them in your favorite frames. Easy peasy!

Free Playroom Digital Downloads
Free Playroom Printable Wall Decor
Free Playroom Printable Wall Art

How to get your downloads:

  • If you’re are already a member of our newsletter, you can find the password in any of our emails to access the free resource library. Search for the name: Playroom Printables, and click the download button under the photo snippet (you will get the files in PDF format).
  • If you are new, you can sign up for our email list and get the password. (We won’t send you spam, I pinky promise and you can unsubscribe any time if you wish.)

We continuously add new printable art, templates and patterns to our free resource library.


How to use these printables:

– Print them at home or at your local print shop, put them in a beautiful colorful frame, or ask them to print it on canvas and hang them on the walls.

– You can also create a stunning gallery wall for the playroom. Check out this neat post by Moms and Crafters with other colorful and free playroom printables.

– Take it to a print shop and put them on mugs, cups, bottles, T-shirts, or other children’s clothing.

Final Thoughts about the playroom printables

What I love most about these prints is that they are colorful and gender-neutral—they are fun and playful and add a pop of color to any children’s room or playroom.

I hope you enjoy these digital prints. If you decide to display them in your home, I would love to hear about it. Tag us on social media or leave a photo in the comments.

Would you like to see more printables like this? Let me know in the comments.

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Free Playroom Printable Wall Art

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