Monster Kid's Room Printables

Free Monster Printable Wall Art

Cute Monochrome Monster Printable Art

Today I want to share with you this adorable monochrome monster digital print. This free printable wall art consists of two cute monster prints.

Monster Kid's Room Printables

What inspired this set of Monster Printable

They were inspired by my son’s clothes. Recently my sister-in-law got him a pair of cute monster/crocodile/dinosaur (we couldn’t decide what they were) slipper socks. He adored them.

I loved them even more than he did. Do you know why? These slippers were the best distraction ever while changing diapers. They spared me from a lot of crying. Sadly he outgrew them.

I wanted to incorporate them in our life somehow, since he loved them so much, but couldn’t wear them any longer. So, I sew him a laundry or toy bag. We now keep his laundry in it, but as he grows and with him the pile of toys, we will use it as a plushie holder. 

One day while nursing him, I looked at the laundry holder and I realized that they would look so sweet as wall art too. So I got into Canva and created the monster printables.

I wanted to be at least a two-piece set. The second print was inspired by one of his joggers. I think they complete each other perfectly.

With this downloadable digital print you will get:

  • one big, cute monster,
  • the word “roar” with monster characteristics.

I think they are more of a boy’s wall art, but girls may enjoy it as well. They would also look lovely in a playroom.

I love these prints. Since they are monochrome, they can be easily incorporated into any room or home decor style.

After you download, you will receive a PDF (for best image quality) sized 8.5×11′.

Monster Children's Room Printable Wall Art
Monster Children's Room Digital Download

How to use the monster printable:

  • print them on paper or canvas and hang them on your walls,
  • create cute signs,
  • add the designs to T-shirts, hoodies, or other garments to personalize your kid’s clothing,
  • print them on mugs, cups, plates, etc. and give them as gifts for children (yours, family members, or friends).

How to get these designs:

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Final thoughts on the monster prints:

I hope you enjoyed these digital downloads as much as I do. I think they are funny and cute that every child would adore. If you want to create a gallery wall, or add another monster themed print to these, you may want to check out this monster poster by Open Art Project.

Would you like to see more black and white, monochrome printable wall decor?

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