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DIY Flower Pots – The Ultimate List

A collection of ideas on how to diy flower pots

In this post, I collected the best DIY flower pots for plants, including terracotta, concrete, plastic, and unusual planter ideas. Creating homemade planters is effortless. With a few supplies, paints, ropes, glue, you can transform them into stylish home decor objects.

Spring is around the corner, and every year I get an urge to plant flowers and to create or buy fun pots and planters for them. Many fantastic DIY ideas are circulating on the web, so I had to collect and organize them. What I love about them is that they’re inexpensive and easy to customize.

Most of these ideas are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

How to DIY flower pots?

You can make DIY planters with two methods:

1. Transform and customize a store-bought, a thrift store pot, or other objects

Most of us already have plastic, terracotta, clay, or ceramic planters at home. Whit time a lot of them became worn out and ugly. 

With some paint and decorative elements, you can give them a second chance to shine.

These upcycle ideas are inexpensive, with high-class results.

 2. Design and create unique planters

If you want to experiment, try, and cast your own concrete planters. You can also use air-dry clay, polymer clay, or other materials to sculpt small planters for your favorite succulents. 

So here is my list of beautiful flower pots, I hope you will find inspiration and try one or more of them.


1. Terracotta Pot Makeovers

I want to split terracotta planter revamps into two groups: whole and broken pots.

  • intact pots

Multiple methods exist to personalize whole planters. You can paint, stamp, add texture, add mosaic, wrap-around with rope, decoupage it with paper or fabric, distress and age them for a French look, or add patina.

 – Painted and stamped pots

DIY Planters

 – Planters covered in sand, rope, mosaic, rocks

DIY Planters

 – Paper and fabric decoupaged pots

DIY Planters

 – Distressed, aged and with patina

DIY Planters

– Other fun terracotta pot ideas

DIY Planters
  • broken planters

Never throw out a shattered clay pot. Indeed! I encourage you to break them because you can create fabulous fairy gardens and succulent gardens.

DIY Planters

I’ve found some useful tips on how to break a terracotta pot from Blue Fox Farm.

2. DIY Concrete Planters

My favorite way to create flower pots is by pouring cement or covering objects in concrete. They are unique, and you can further personalize them before or after they are dried.

For creating concrete planters, you will need molds. You can either use plastic containers around your home, buy silicone molds, or create your own shapes. 

Do you want to give it a try? Made by Barb has an excellent tutorial on how to make silicone molds.

Here are a couple of awesome cement pot ideas for inspiration:

DIY Planters

Not sure about making your own molds, I got you covered, I have a list of stunning silicone molds for concrete

3. Upcycled Tin Can Pots 

Tin cans are those types of kitchen trash you don’t want to throw out. You can easily upcycle them to many home decor objects, flower pots, utensils or pencil holder, wind chime, wine bottle rack, lamp or lanterns, and others.

To transform them into pretty planters, you can: paint, decoupage, or cover them with.

Cool painted tin can pot ideas:

DIY Planters

Beautiful decoupaged tin can planters:

DIY Planters

You can also cover your tin cans with: moss, rocks, wood sticks, burlap, rope, cork sheets, lace, felt, any other material.

DIY Planters

4. Plastic Planter Transformations

Plastic flower pots are cheap, but not really charming. We have many of them in our home, and I can’t wait to replace them with something more sophisticated.

Until then, I’ve found some impressive ideas to beautify them with paint or covering them.

DIY Planters

After refinishing them, no one would ever believe you that these are made of plastic.

5. Succulent Flower Pots

Succulent planters are trending these years. I really like succulents, because they are cute and colorful, easy to care for, and you can incorporate them in every room, including your office.

One of my favorites is the hanging and vertical succulent planters. They look stunning planted individually in small pots but in large arrangements as well.

DIY Planters

6. Creative Pots for Plants

Now, this is where the fun begins. Technically you can use anything as a planter if the object has a hole, or you can cut a hole in it to fill with dirt.

So you may ask? What can I use as flower pots? Here are some of my favorites:

  • teapot,
  • strainer,
  • shoes,
  • plastic toys,
  • dolls (they are a bit creepy if you ask me, but the trolls version is cute),
  • birdcage,
  • watering cans,
  • teacups,
  • books,
  • rain boots,
  • chair,
  • wheelbarrow,
  • old phones,
  • jeans,
  • ripped balls,
  • drawers,
  • chests or boxes,
  • old mailboxes,
  • guitar,
  • vintage cupping spoon,
  • hat,
  • baskets,
  • lanterns,
  • pitchers,
  • tire,
  • etc.

These are my favorites:

DIY Planters

7. Clay planters

Another method to make flower planters is using clay. You can use air-dry clay, paper mache, or polymer clay. I really like this technique because you can create fun shaped and colorful pots, like fruits, animals, faces, etc.

How to make the flower pots?

 1. wrap a container or a pot with clay,

 2. sculpt a unique shape,

 3. add clay embellishments.

I love this DIY terrazzo planter. They look high-class, easy to make and to customize to your needs.

A couple of fun ideas for inspiration:

DIY Planters

My favorite method is using polymer clay because after baking becomes waterproof. And also, you don’t have to paint it and seal it when you’re done.

These DIY succulent clay planters are adorable. Also, you don’t need any special skills to make them.

8. DIY Outdoor planters

Large outdoor flower pots can be expensive, but you can easily upcycle stuff around your home to turn them into fabulous outdoor decor for your porch or garden. These are my favorites:

DIY Planters

You can also use driftwood, large wood logs, buckets, pallet, barrel, etc. or build one out of wood or cast with concrete.

Experiment with other embellishments

  • glass pebbles
  • sticky flatback rhinestones
  • flatback sticky pearls
  • crochet, knit
  • macrame
  • buttons

Conclusion about DIY planters

I really like these ideas because they are effortless, fun, and budget-friendly. You can revamp old and weathered plastic, clay, terracotta, etc. pots around your home or from the thrift store.

You can decorate any space in your home, from the kid’s room to the bathroom, that will match in style, color, and texture.

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Which flower pot is your favorite? Do you have unusual planters around your home or in your garden?

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