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What’s The Best Glue for Crafts?

Which glue or adhesive is best for every craft material

This article will help you choose the best glue for your craft projects.

Every crafter has their favorite type of glue. Many variables are available on the market: Tacky glue, gorilla glue, hot glue, Modge Podge, tapes, super glue, etc.

Are you confused about which glue to use for your crafts to create a durable bond?

Glues and adhesives are not created equally—some form better bonds for certain materials than the others. Some require a flexible bond, others a super strong hold to keep the pieces in place.

It’s essential to choose the right adhesive for your DIYs.

I intended to create a clear and concise list with the (in my opinion) best glues for every craft material, so you don’t end up with a ruined craft after long hours of work.

If you’re not interested in the whole list and looking for glue for a specific craft, click on the material in the list, and it will jump you to the recommendation.

what's the best glue for crafts


The best glue for crafts made with:

Let’s get started!

What’s the best glue for wood crafts?

The adhesive chosen for wood crafts needs to be flexible (Wood is ‘moving’: shrinks when it’s drying and expands from moisture), sturdy, and long-lasting.

The top recommendation for gluing wood is Titebond. It’s not toxic and easy to clean up. It does require clamping! It also has a dark variable for Walnut, black, and other dark wood types.

What’s the best glue for plastic?

Successfully applying glue to plastic objects can be tricky and depends on the composition of the plastic.

The surface of plastic items is smooth and not porous so, it can be challenging for some adhesives to stick.

Gorilla Super Glue Gel is my go-to for fast and small repairs (it is also suitable for a wide range of other materials).

Another option for a firm and long-lasting hold is liquid epoxy.

Which glue is best for sticking ceramics?

E6000 Craft Adhesive is an excellent choice to glue ceramics. It creates a flexible bond; it’s also waterproof and paintable after it dries.

It creates a flexible bond; it’s also waterproof and paintable after it dries.

It won’t create an instant bond, so you’ll be able to reposition the pieces for a couple of minutes.

Use it in a well-ventilated room because of its strong smell.

You can also use it for metal, wood, glass, leather, and other crafts.

What’s the best glue for glass projects?

Gluing glass crafts or broken glass can be tricky. You’ll have to consider several factors. The glue you choose needs to: dry clear, may also need to be waterproof and dishwasher safe, be strong enough to hold the weight of the glass.

Since the glass surface is not porous and smooth, the best adhesives are cyanoacrylate-based glass glues like the Loctite Glass Glue.

It’s waterproof, dishwasher safe, and heat resistant (only recommended for indoor use). If the glue is ineffective, check the manufacturing date. It has an 18-month shelf life, according to Loctite.

Which glue is best for metal?

The best adhesive for metal crafts, like jewelry making, is epoxy glue. 

This Gorilla epoxy glue creates a strong, long-lasting, yet flexible bond, particularly important for items that you’ll use every day.

What I like about this glue that it will dry clear, so it’s unnoticeable. The best glue to create metal-to-metal bonds.

What’s the best glue for paper crafts?

It’s not hard to find an adhesive that works on paper. A wide range from glue sticks to liquid glue will do the trick. I’ve chosen two types of adhesive for papercrafts for two different purposes.

Tacky Glue is a long-loved glue that is suitable for various craft projects. It dries permanently with a super-strong bond. It has a low odor, non-toxic and safe to use even for children.

If you are a card maker or need extra precision and tiny pieces to glue, you need a Glue pen. They are also perfect for glitter applications (write words or draw line art and add glitter to it). They dry out pretty quickly, so always put the cap back when you’re not using it.

What’s the best glue for fabric?

When you want to skip sewing or in need of connecting two pieces of fabric asap, glue can be a lifesaver and a faster way to create fabric crafts.

My number one fabric adhesive is Beacon Fabri-Tac. It dries fast and transparent; it’s also washable. Use it to bond fabric, lace, leather, trims.

What’s the best glue for craft foam (styrofoam)?

It’s hard to find a glue that won’t dissolve or damage the surface of styrofoam items.

There are adhesives available on the market designed for styrofoam crafts like this Beacon Hold The Foam Glue.

It works like a charm on every type of foam, but it has a long drying time. You’ll need to leave it for about 24 hours to completely dry.

Among the other types of foam glue, I prefer this one because it’s not toxic and does its job well. You just have to patient.

Other: spray adhesive, rubber cement, hot glue (Some styrofoam objects won’t resist the heat and melt. It happened to me more than once.)

Which glue is best for outdoor craft projects?

Picking the right adhesive for outdoor crafts is crucial if you want them to last. The weather, water, and sunlight can easily damage the glue.

The best glue for outdoor craft projects is the GE Silicone Sealant. It is available both in a squeeze and a caulking tube.

It’s is permanent, weather, and waterproof (but not for projects used underwater). It has a flexible and powerful adhesion. You can’t paint or remove it.

Works for glass, metal, wood, brick, concrete, plastic, etc.

What’s the best all-purpose glue?

In most cases, for hobby crafters or beginners, an all-purpose glue is the best decision. An adhesive that bonds most crafting materials.

Many crafters swear by Beacon Advanced Crafting Glue is the best all-purpose adhesive. Works on crafting materials: paper, beads, cork, wood, fabric, etc. It dries super-strong, transparent, waterproof, and flexible.

It’s better than Tacky Glue because it doesn’t contain acid, so you can also use it on crafts with photographs.

The glue that every crafter should have!

My all-time favorite all-purpose glue is hot glue. I use it for most of my craft projects and also for small home repair jobs. I think a hot glue gun is a must-have for every household!

I have a Boch Hot Melt Glue Gun. I like the long nozzle, which allows precise work.

You can use it beyond sticking together pieces and create awesome hot glue crafts. I have a list of hot glue gun craft ideas; you can check it out here.

The only disadvantage is that it won’t stick properly to smooth, non-porous surfaces.

Note and tips for using glue:

  • always read the product label,
  • store as recommended (no extreme temperatures or exposed to direct sunlight for an extended time),
  • use the provided instructions,
  • expired glue may lose its effectiveness,
  • make a test if possible (to avoid disasters like melted styrofoam, glue stained fabric, etc.),
  • use adhesive, with a strong odor, in a well-ventilated room.

Conclusion about the best glue for crafting

As you could see, there really isn’t one adhesive that fits all crafts. Yes, you can buy one good craft glue like Beacon’s Advanced Crafting Glue. Still won’t work for every craft project you make.

If you are into one particular craft, scrapbooking, woodworking, jewelry making, then pick the adhesive according to the material.

If you’re more like me, who likes to experiment with all sorts of materials, then choose one or two adhesives. Pick those that work for multiple purposes, bonds most materials, or the ones that you’re regularly using.

Even though if you’re making crafts to sell, buy the best adhesives for each material. You don’t want unhappy customers.

This is a guide to get you started. I encourage you to experiment with different types and brands. This way, you can find the one that fits your needs best.


4 thoughts on “What’s The Best Glue for Crafts?”

  1. I haven’t used gold foil or gilding flakes for my crafts, you may try PVA glue specifically designed for this craft material (for example, Gilding Paste by Pebeo or Cosmic Shimmer Flake & Glitter Glue).

  2. I’m looking for a glue (or sealant?) that I can put onto small twigs to make it look like they have snow on them. It’s for our homemade Christmas cards that have a Fimo robin on a branch. I’ve tried a couple of PVA glues and they look great when applied but the glue then dries flat. I’ve also tried Tippex pen but it’s too thin. Could you recommend something that dries hard and thick (and is white)? Thanks in advance, Jonny

  3. Hi Jonny! You may try snow paste or make a DIY snow paste using wood glue, white acrylic paint, and baking soda.

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