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Air Dry Clay Tutorials: 7 Best Youtube Channels (2022)

Youtube Channels with Amazing Air dry clay Tutorials

In my experience, the best way to learn a new craft or any craft is by watching someone making it step-by-step. That’s why I decided to collect all my favorite Youtube channels with air dry clay tutorials that are also suitable for beginners.

Even though there are tons of exceptional air dry clay crafts with written instructions and fantastic photography featuring all the stages of a particular project, watching someone making it in real-time is a different experience. Especially if they also explain the process and offer helpful tips.

NOTE! If you’re not familiar with my blog, I also share air dry clay tutorials. The past year, I also tried to create video tutorials for them, so you can find all my craft videos on my Youtube channel if you’re interested. If you like what you see, please subscribe or leave a comment!

So, let’s get started! The top 7 Youtube channels and their best video tutorials (according to me).

1. Red Rocking Bird

If you’re looking for air drying clay tutorials, you should start with this channel. Sarah, the owner, is a lovely person with a soothing voice you will love.

She shares tons of easy tutorials and informational videos on how to glaze or work with air dry clay. I love, love, love what she does. I learned how to transfer an image onto clay from one of her videos, which opened up a whole new world for me and my clay crafts.

I’ve searched for the best channel with the most air drying clay ideas and projects, Sarah’s the best so far. I highly recommend taking a look at her videos.

This super cute fox pot was the first video I’ve seen from Sarah and made me explore her channel and fall in love with her tutorials.

2. Anca Pora

Even though this Youtube channel shares impressive illustrations, it captured my attention right away! Anca’s art is gorgeous.

She shares several projects made with air hardening clay decorated with beautiful colors and patterns.

This channel is a beautiful example of personalizing air dry clay with paint. You can find the clay tutorials under the DIY PROJECTS section (pins, pot, trinkets, keychains, ornaments, etc.).

My favorite illustrated clay project is this trinket box.

3. Tina Le

Tina has tons of unique DIY projects on her channel, from IKEA hacks, upcycles, home decor dupes, and easy crafts from scratch. She is a lovely person full of energy and with a gorgeous smile.

She also shares easy air dry clay tutorials and helpful tips. I love the boho style with neutral colors that are easy to incorporate into any home.

Check out her video on three simple clay crafts I adore.

4. Mix it up Marci

I love Marcis’ channel because she shares easy and minimalist crafts. She has several coffee projects in arts and crafts (I love coffee, so she got me there).

So, if you like to try air dry clay with coffee, check this fantastic video, she makes coffee paint and fun experiments with the clay and coffee combo.

5. Simply by A

Angelika, the owner of this channel, has a couple of really cool projects I enjoyed.

She shared plenty of crafts using air drying clay. I had a hard time picking one because I wasn’t sure which one to share with you to see her style.

So, here are her top 10 air dry clay projects. Also, if you like boho-styled crafts, check out her other videos too!

6. Jana storm

Jana shares at-home pottery and also other fun DIY projects.

I picked another video that combines air drying clay with coffee, which resulted from a collaboration with Marci from the Mix it up Marci channel.

I stumbled upon this video accidentally and loved it, especially the rock-like texture that coffee gives to the clay. I am still brainstorming the perfect craft for using this excellent and unique method.

7. Macaroon

Air dry clay has different types. The Youtube channel I shared uses the ‘same’ traditional air drying clay like DAS, Crayola, Activa, etc.

But, there are also different types of air hardening clays. Some are suitable for smaller, small projects, like flowers, jewelry, miniature food, etc.

If you want to do such projects, this channel’s for you. Joanna shares stunning miniature air dry clay tutorials and tips, hacks, and recommendations for the best materials.

So, if you like Kawaii and cute small crafts, visit her channel. This Pusheen DIY EOs lip balm is adorable!

+ Bonus air dry clay tutorial

With these tutorials and Youtube channels I just scraped the surface. You can find tons of amazing crafters and project if you type into Youtubes’ search bar air drying clay or other variations as air drying clay, air modelling clay or air hardening clay.

I came across this video from the talented watercolor artist Kalliopi (her channel). Her art is amazing and these clay tutorials are stunning too. I didn’t intend to add more videos to this post, but I couldn’t resist when I saw how beautiful they turned out.

So, enjoy!

Final thoughts about the air dry clay tutorials

I hope you’ve got as inspired as I was after watching these amazing videos (or at least a few). Youtube is the perfect place to learn new skills and hobbies for free.

Learn a new skill today! Air dry clay is versatile, cheap, and easy to work with. Create your own pottery, decor, jewelry or accessories using this amazing craft material.

Which of these channel was your favorite? Leave a comment!

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Air Dry Clay Tutorials: 7 Best Youtube Channels